I was just wondering how likely it is to get an Add & Pass that you started returned to you in a finished state? I have initiated dozens, but have never seen them again! I started this one in April.  It puts me off starting them, to be honest.

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Hi Ruth,

it depends I've noticed. Sometimes I get a finished one back, then I send a copy of the result to all participants.
Often I never see anything back, not even a copy. I like seeing the final result but I don't expect to get a started one back.

You also have to think that mail can be on his way for long time (once mail was undeliverd returned to me after 5 months… ). And not everyone works on it right away. Sometimes it ends up in a pile. For example, I found an add&pass in my mailbox where the previous addition took place more than three years ago. 

I don't know what the rules are, I try not to leave an add&pass lying around for too long. If it is too heavy I ask who is a candidate and if there are none I send it to the starter. 

I hope you wil see some result some time ;-) 


Thanks, Sil!  I'm just curious - I would love to see what other people have added to them.  I wondered what other people's experiences were and whether it was just accepted that you were sending it out into the world, never to be seen again!

I keep my fingers crossed ;-)

I will let you know when I receive add&pass work started by you!

Hello Ruth and Sil :)

That's indeed also a question I'm interested in ;)

(but) some days ago, I received for the first time an A&P that I started and that could indeed be considered as "finished" / "complete" / "full" ;) -and I sent it to Josh Ronsen: from (finished?) A&P-es, he makes "Add & Pass Cut & Paste Zines" (as he announces on http://ronsen.org/mailart/add/index.html ). He writes on this page

"When I receive an Add & Pass page, I cut it up to become pages in the Add & Pass Cut & Paste Zine"

So I'm very curious!

Lovely idea to send photocopies to everyone who participated.

I like the process and am always curious about the further course. I assume that others are too ;-) so by sending copies everyone gets an idea of the end result.

Sometimes I also make the envelope from a copy.

Ruth, I have yet to have any of the ones I started be returned.  The mail art is just out there in the world. 

The Mysteries of Mail Art !!



I've not started off many A&Ps, but none have ever come back to me. Despite the frustration of never seeing how people develop something you start off, I'm sending more out now! 

Interestingly, asked recently to do a mini-presentation (online) about mail art, I researched Ray Johnson's mail art work and you can see some only went to one other person (named), and that others were sent out with a list of names of people to pass on to. There's documentation of him sending out mail to large numbers of people, though, who weren't in what was part of his own personal network within the art world.

Yesterday I recieved two A&P from Sil:

- one was a "complete(d)" / "full" one initiated by me March 2022 -and now, complete as it was/is sent back to me :)

- the other was one initiated, I SUPPOSE, by Moreno Menarin. I consider that it will be filled enough ;) after my contribution. Then I will return it to Moreno!

The A&P initiated, I SUPPOSE, by Moreno Menarin, completed by me and sent back to Moreno!

Mail art is so random that it is unlikely that you would get everything back. I have not received any completed a&p sheets nor any copies of ones I’ve added to. Even with round Robin, you never get everything back. In 2003 I sent out a 3 ATC rr set that I had drawn elephants on and never saw them again. Sometimes I get stuff back years after I’ve sent them out. That’s what makes mail art so exciting. If I finish one of yours, I will be sure to return it to you.

I found I had an add and pass in my archive not realizing it was an add and pass, so I finally returned it to the originator, 35 years later.



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