21 people have stood up and said, "I want a damn golden ticket!" Guess what, those damn people will receive a golden ticket. Do you want to receive a golden ticket and go down in mail-art and zine history? Let me know and I'll send you one.


No purchase needed!



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I'll take a Golden Ticket to infamy!

Oh you're getting one. Could you remind me of your address, my book is at home that has all these things.

I would love to have a Golden Ticket to Fairy Land!

Laura Thykeson

2924 Oak Court

Granbury, Texas  76048


Got it!

PLEEEEEEEZE.......I really need a Golden Ticket!

Of course, yours goes out...actually it's waiting to go out right now. I swapped two numbers in your address so I had to redo it.

Can I have the golden ticket?
  What should I do?
  Notify me?
Thank you!

Of course you can have one, I only have a few slots left in this round, just send me your address and I'll get one out to you.

Thank you!
  My address is:

          Tihonciuc   Liudmila  

         str.N.Dimo № 22, ap.37,

               Chișinău 2068,

            Republica Moldova

Can I send you a reply to the ticket?


For sure, I will  mail out the golden ticket to you tomorrow. Thanks for your interest.

Thank you!
  I will wait.

Sounds great, not sure how long it will take because I've never sent anything to your country. Also, I'm glad that I finally get to send something to your country.




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