.Formerly arac'n'kram who "were looking after this site while Vizma has gone walkabout. We look forward to when Viz re-emerges in NY & meets arac. Until then let's keep the show on the road, folksl"

She's back. And so is the Viz'n'Val roadshow.

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Viz: when and where is your Goodbye Party? If it's Fancy Dress or Fancy Hat, what should I wear? Should I bring a bottle/barrel/crate or 10,000 litre tanker? Can I sleep over? Who else is coming?

I think that you we should have a Goodbye Mailing for you.


Male Val


Ooh yes, please have a goodbye mailing! And then in a couple of months you can make a welcome back mailing too!!?? Otherwise I may become depressed. But if there's a 10,000 litre tanker of booze here when I arrive, that should take the edge off the sadness, so thanks in advance. Shiraz please...unless you can get champagne in a tanker??

The Goodbye party is all this week, so arrive anytime starting Tuesday morning.

What what what??? I'm number 1004!!! Who was the mystery 1000? Does this mean nobody wanted to get a kiss from Arac or Nik? How rude of them! Well, since I'm the closest one to 1000, I'd like to claim a mail art kiss from both Arac and Niklas, please. And Val too. To be in my letterbox when I return in Sept. Thankyou.





Bon Voyage! See ya mail-wise in September. Or before then in Riga or Sigean;


Are you still there ma petite Vizma? I thought you'd gone on your big trip to search for the end of the rainbow (turn right at Adelaide). When are you off?*


*On your search, that is

I'll be going 'off' (like a cheese) tomorrow at 4am. Might just stay up all night and sleep all the way to LA. Thanks for all the kisses, or were they poison warnings? Try to enjoy 'Nobody n Val' while I'm gone. 

Boohoo no more Vizmatiz :(  At least I get to look forward to hangin out with her live and in person in NYC in a month or so.  Alright Kram what say ye~Val and the Gang, Val's Pals, or maybe V's place and everyone shall have a V name again??? 

I think it should be arac'n'kram 'cos I don't really want to have (yet another!) dialogue with myself. It could also be like some of that music one (not me) listens to 'arac'n'kram featuring Vizma'. if we did it like that, we could lead up to the historic moment when the two of you meet in NY, and then feature some sort of 'guest appearance' from Viz. What say you??

Sounds like a plan Kram ;P 


Bonjour arac!

 Do you know when you are going to meet up with Vizma in NY, and what you are going to do then?

If so, please share this information with us, so that we can arrange a reception at City Hall, get the marching bands organised, set up the ticker-tape parade, etc.

Thankyou, kram

A parade...oh Val, that will be perfect for us.  Maybe you could send out a memo having them throw rubber stamps and money along the route instead of candy and beads :)  I will be up there around July 5th.  We plan to hit lots of weird thrifty shops, bars and art galleries.  If time allows maybe we will try to have some DKult tat fun or eye-bomb the city.  Whatever we do it's sure to be fun but start saving up in case we need bail money.  I have a feeling we could get in lots of trouble together rather quickly!!!

Please will all readers of this end some money, beads, candy, pop corn, banana stickers, postage stamps, rubber stamps, ticker tape, tape recordings, sticky tape, wallabies and other miscllanea to arac so that she can present them to Vizma on 5 July (unmarked $100 bills should be sent directly to me): thank you.

What I had in mind, arac, and your views on this would be helpful, is some sort of parade with marching bands, bagpipes and drums, the Harlem Globetrotters, a few hundred of Hugh's Bunny Girls, and the Massed Artists of IUOMA (US of A). Then there would be a feast. Then some speeches (I will try and cut mine dosn to more than 23 hours) welcoming Viz to NY. Then we could all go rockin'n'rolling somwhere.





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