.Formerly arac'n'kram who "were looking after this site while Vizma has gone walkabout. We look forward to when Viz re-emerges in NY & meets arac. Until then let's keep the show on the road, folksl"

She's back. And so is the Viz'n'Val roadshow.

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Happy Passover , Val...and Happy Easter eggs...

I am a poet

But not many people know it.

I told Vizma I was lonely

And found out that it was only

That she was jealous of my hat

Which was much admired by Kat

But now she's back

On track

With my Greek friend too

Oh what a to do.

I am a poet

And now you know it.

Bon Eatsre Jour Vizma! Did you see the Permanent Installation series of photos that I posted? They are my take on your Artspace theme. I hope your Easter eggs won't melt in the sun. Mine won't, cos there's no sun to melt the Easter eggs that i haven't got, sob, sob, and triple negatives, too. Val

Aw, triple negatives , just add another to make it a positive! Would that work?

What photos? I thought that was an invisible joke at Artspace??!!

I like your poems Val. and I didn't get eggs either, but lots and lots of food all day....ugh...

Happy Easter to all you loony Rabbits and Chicks!!! No eggs for me either but birthday dinner for the kid last night and Easter dinner at Mom's later this afternoon, leg of lamb I think.(sorry Viz and Vanna I promise it was not one of your sheep)heehee. Maybe a buzz and a chocolate bunny for breakfast ;) Val~ I love your installation pics...very cool space at the top o the stairs where only you and the cats shall roam, lucky you! And is that Granny's hat???? From my computer it looks like a fishing net with a green fish caught helplessly out of the water...did Granny fish? ;)


ENJOY your day and try to avoid the "chocolate coma" kids xoxoxoxo

Yes araCara, Granny was a deep sea trawler woman before WW1. In that war she captained a submarine. Between the wars she sailed around her bathtub single handed. In WW2 she was the Chief Milliner on a destroyer. Then she took up deeep sea diving. After helping liberate the Falkland Islands she became an Honorary Admiral. Then she slipped down the plughole, and we are still looking for her; Val

Your granny is my new hero!! She can join our Angels!! What a champion! I hope she has a good name that we can V-ify.

 Please don't tell us it was something like Regina.


Granny is looking forward to being an Angel. She asks does she get her wings and halo on joining, or is there somle sort of initiation test? Her landing technique is not very good at the moment, so you'll need to moor an aircraft carrier somewhere off Tasmasania before she can come and visit you.

Her name?  No, not Regina (I did laiugh at that!). I looked it up in the Ministry of Defense's Very Secret War Time Files (now available as a gift on CD in cornflakes packets) and found that it was Sugar Puff. We could call her 'VugarVuff'. OK?


Welcome Val's granny Vugar Vuff! We'll have to ask you Val, that you post a picture of her here to show that she is real and capable of solving crimes and chasing bad guys. Then, as long as she doesn't know the identity of Charlie, she can join us. Unless Arac has some other initiation tests that I haven't thought of yet.


What do you mean 'What photos???'

 Where have you been? (No, on 2nd thoughts I don't really want to know).

I took 25 photos of my Artspace. I couldn't load them all into your Artspace group 'cos of size limitations. But if you look at the main photo section, or in my photos, you'll finf the tour of my very own Artspace.

Happy Easter to y'all.

Oh me miserum. Are you visiting your Charlie's Angel granny in England? Or have you been to visit the queen. I wish you'd hurry up and return, I feel I'm starting to normalify.

By the way, thankyou for asking me out on a date! At first I thought Jimmy Dean wanted to take me to the movies, but then I saw that it said Val. Anyway, the answer is no to both of you. I don't like going to the movies, never have, you'll have to think of something better.

Did you get my snailish mail??

Oooroo possum.

Bonjour! I'm still in England, sorting out my Mum's estate -- which is not easy. I go back to France tomorow where normal service will be resumed, I hope> Pewrhaps the snail has gotten to Sigean in my absence. Ok, forget the movies -- I haven't seen a film for over 20 years anyway. Why don't we go to a concert instead? I saw a really good post-punk band play in York last Friday night, and it was great fun. I have decided not to become the President of France, even if they ask me. Which they won't.

Bestest and in haste, Val




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