Dear friends, I bought at the auction a pack of old envelopes, with a picture, size 114x161 millimeters (4.5 x 6.3 inches), and I don't know how to use them in Mail Art. Maybe someone wants to receive such an envelope as a gift. In the future, you can make your collage on the reverse side of the envelope, or use it in some other way.

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Ilya, they look very interesting, and I'm sure you have a story for them. If you're not going to use them (!!!), I would graciously receive one, please.

Hi! Those are neat! I would be interested in receiving such an envelope.  I am happy to send some mail art and something unique to you in return!

I like that envelope very much, would make me happy to receive one, Ilya.

Commemorative envelopes in the Space/Astronomy area are collectible as-is or as the basis for further embellishment.

Dear friends, thank you for your response. I didn’t expect my auction purchase to generate such a lively response! It's good. In that case, I will try to send you envelopes for Easter (they have postage stamps and cancellation; they can be saved as part of a philatelic collection or used for artwork).

In Russia, at flea markets and auctions, you can sometimes buy old rare things, and not very expensive; it's a paradox.

I’d like one of you have any left :).

Oh! Interesting dear, if you have 1+1 for me too, send them. I'll return one with my work. Thanks 


I would very much like one.  Will send art in return.  Thank you.

Dear friend Ilya , I am an artist from India and if you won't mind and send such envelops in my name to create art out of that..  please send in my name n address.. my web page is... .... my postal address is Dr. Jaspals, Tibba Shib, Street # 14, New corner House,

Near Temple, Hoshiarpur.. Punjab, 146 001. India..

sincere regards...

Dr. Jaspals

Hello, Dr. Jaspals, I sent you the mail envelopes a long time ago.

Did the post office deliver the envelopes ?

This offer remains valid indefinitely.



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