Hi everyone!

I am behind my time posting photos to this site of the many pieces of art I've received in the post from other members of IUOMA. 

I've seen them here there + everywhere--I need advice--where is either the best or designated place to post these images? 

Thanks in advance for your guidance!

cheers + ciao


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there's not a rule for this. I wish I'd saved the links to where I found mention that most people do a blog post for incoming and a photo for outgoing if they are documenting... but some do the opposite! And others go the page of the member that they got something from and post it as a comment there. plenty of folks don't document at all. probably because they are making art and too busy to worry about it. some people expect their art to be documented. some would rather it not be -- especially addresses are sensitive unless someone says "share" explicitly. hope I'm not doing a game of telephone with protocol here -- I only started using this site this year, so you might not want to take my word for it. but from what I can see, it's a go-with-your-heart deal

There is no obligation to post received mailings.

Thank you Sarah Roe and Ruud Janssen for clarifying this for me (a relative newbie to the group and website)!

I've been juggling a few projects  and will post photos of the wonderful art have received as soon as I am able!

all the best




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