Project International  of  Mail Art


Project “Add e Return”

Dedicated  to SHOZO  SHIMAMOTO

 Edited by  Giovanni  Bonanno

 in collaboration with the Archives Ophen Art of Salerno



On the occasion of International Art Biennale of Venice 2015 Space Ophen Virtual Art Gallery of Salerno and send invites to several artist friends of Shozo Shimamoto a postcard to 10x15 cm asking them to intervene with any technique , inserting in the respective space postcard of everything that is useful to add to complete the work and return it in a sealed envelope to: Giovanni Bonanno - Space Ophen Virtual Art Gallery Via S. Calenda 105 / A 84126 Salerno ( SA) .


Moreover, it invites all interested artists to participate on in this international project to send them by post free job ( Also you can use the basic matrix of the postcard attached to this project) choosing to intervene with any Desired technique (also digital), for then be included in the exhibition Collective International. You are requested to attach the same work sent His personal e-mails and Its mailing address. All must be sent by post to the address of the Gallery of Salerno. Also , please, if you are in possession of the original works of mail art performed by Shozo Shimamoto inserting them via the Web at: FRIENDS OF SHOZO SHIMAMOTO on DODODADA:

So that they can be disseminated and shared well.

All works received for the project "Virtual Fluxus Poetry " will not be returned but will be stored permanently in room 41 of the " Collection of Contemporary Graphics " to become after the expiry of a collection international project "in progress " dedicated to Shozo Shimamoto.




Ophen Virtual Art Gallery of Salerno organize from 31 May to 29 August 2015 an international virtual exhibition as an international event in conjunction with the International Biennial of Venice , With its press release , the critical text and the communication to the show the most important art magazines , newspapers and websites of contemporary art . The exhibition will be open and then closed permanently in Space "exhibition held" Virtual gallery of Salerno.

 "No money, no selection , no return , no selling"


Visit :


Ship to:

Giovanni Bonanno (c / o Space Ophen Virtual Art Gallery of Salerno )

Via S. Calenda 105 / A 84126 Salerno ( Italy)


Deadline: February 28, 2015

After the deadline of 28 February, the project "Virtual Fluxus poetry"

Collection will become permanent "Work in Progress "



Attached is the basic matrix of the postcard in which you possibly can take action to do the work to send to our Archive Ophen Art of Salerno.





Print and Override

using this particular file:*HeEGcEA3aw2sQFXIp3A6UN7OKWZQF8...


 See the reduced copy  of the base sheet

Works arrive:

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