.oOo. Update!!! .oOo. Human and Nature, Human and Technology - very IMPORTANT note for everyone!

Dear artists!

Thank you so much for applying to our mail art call in the Hungarian Stamp Museum!

The artist who did not send their artworks yet: You still have time! The project goes until the 31th of March!!So please anyone who sent, but wants to send more or wants to send one to us, you still have a couple weeks to do so.

We have new mail arts received, so until this morning we have received one or more mail arts from them, and below you will find our flyer from the project:


Pedro Bericat, Spain
Daniel de Cullá, Spain
Miguel Jiménez, Spain
Pedro Bericat, Spain
Valentine Mark Herman, France
Michel Della Vedova, France
Jacques Ruby, France
Ambassade D'Utopia, France
Nicole Bayle, France
Susanna Lakner, Germany
Walter Backman, Germany
Bernhard Zilling, Germany
Schoko Casana Rosso, Germany
Lutz Beeke, Germany
Angela Behrendt, Germany
Manfred Heinze, Germany
Jürgen O. Olbrich, Germany
Matthias Brugger, Germany
Manfred Heinze, Germany
Jürgen O. Olbrich, Germany
Matthias Brugger, Germany
PC (TIC TAC), Germany
Tiziana Baracchi, Italy
Roberto Scala, Italy
Ruggero Maggi, Italy
Domenico Severino, Italy
Vittore Baroni, Italy
Giovanni StraDA DA, Italy
Ruud Janssen, The Netherlands
Renee Bouws, The Netherlands
Németh Tamás, Hungary
Mosonyi Éva, Hungary
Halász Alexandra, Hungary
Joaquim Lourenco, Portugal
Adriana Oliveira, Portugal
Prof. Sabriye Uguz, Turkey
Guvenc Uguz, Turkey
John Held Jr., USA
Carla Cryptic, USA
Grigori Antonin, USA
William L. Philyaw, USA
Fleur Helsingor, USA
Katerina Nikoltsou, Greece
Michalis Kotsaris, Greece
Wilhelm Schramm, Austria
Debbie Clandening, Canada
Marina Salmaso, Denmark
David Della Fiora, Australia
Simon Warren, England
Ryosuke Cohen, Japan
"Anonymus", Ukraine
Eni Ilis, Brasil
Paul Tiililä, Finland

New artworks:

Stanislav Semkin, Russia

Pál Csaba, Hungary

Cristian Sima, Romania

Deniz Gökduman, Turkey

Clemente Padin, Uruguay

Ann Tracy, USA

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Hi :-)

I send you one

but I see now that I did not read carefully enough so I missed out on writing 


Material: Epson 3380 print on 160g Fabriano Tiziano paper,

Technique: Digital collage

and date of creation: 24/3 2012

I am so sorry :-(

hopefully we can solve this problem

best regards


Dear Marianne,

Don't worry, it is fine so. I save the information here and use it on the exhibition as info.

Have a nice day!


Thank you

and a nice day to you to


Dear Marianne!

We got your mail art, thank you very much, it is gorgeous!


Glad you liked it :-)




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