Message in a bottle project! — WILL YOU PLEASE HELP ME :)


I’m a twenty one year old Belgian student. I study graphic design, now I'm in my master year. This year I had to set up my own project. As my father is a fisherman, I set up a message in a bottle project. I already received 75 replies, I received answering letters from France, England, Ireland, the Netherlands, one from Germany and now even one from Norway! The longest distance one of the bottles traveled was ± 895km (556 miles) in exactly 7 months! This bottle washed up in Karmøy, an isle  in Norway. Quite fascinating, isn’t it?

This year I started asking people to send me 3 images (for my masterproject). And now, I want to do the same on the internet. As the sea is a neutral area, just as the internet. I also send a message to an unknown recipient. I would be very grateful with your answer!


Will you please help me in my masterproject (schoolproject) and send me:

3 different images (can be pictures, postcards, drawings, clippings from a paper or a magazine,… can be anything)that are, according to you, related to the theme: ‘primary colours’.

Please send these images to my e-mailadres:

I look forward hearing from you, and thank you very much in advance!


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"Who is afraid of red, yellow and blue"?

Blue Monochrome

Yves Klein


I already received a lot of beautiful images! In one week I have to hand in my thesis! It would be sooooo nice to add some more images!

I think you will like this short videoa about a person soaked of life, who left me the feeling that no one is lost if not for himself,

(and communication existed even before the invention of the word "art" and subsequent disputes)

The communication felt, thought, held with all the senses, conveys hidden talkative silence and vital impulses even if sometimes in despair. If you ask me which video I would like to see before I die (or begin living) I would say:  this one





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