NODE PAJOMO- a contact zine in the spirit of GLOBAL MAIL.

Some of the headings I will steal from GLOBAL MAIL are: Mailart, Actions, Art Projects, Books Seeking Contributors, Boycotts, Co-op Publishing, Comix, Compilations, Distros Seeking Things To Distribute, Exchanges, Messages, Networks, Newcomers, Politics, Postal Stamps, Postcards, Rubber Stamps, Sound, Writings, Video, Zines Seeking Contributors.

The deadline for submissions is March 15, 2009 and the publishing date is April 1. Price:cheap. Email for submissions only. No email addresses or URLs in the zine. Keepin’ It Postal.

Node Pajomo- POB 2632, Bellingham, Washington, 98227-2632 USA

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Maybe start with reading the interview I did with Ashley Parker Owens which i did in the 90-ies. I have the concept of the new cover of Global Mail for an issue that never appeared because she stopped the publication. In the later issues the covers were done by guests, and I was asked to do that next cover......

Have not heard or seen a new magazine that replaced Global Mail.

In my Archive I actually have all the issues starting with number one.....

Yes, research this, it will be very interesting to know...

Michael Dittman picked it up for an issue or so but wasn't able to maintain it. He's still kicking around -- and is kinda busted up about not being able to keep it going. Might be willing to share stories...
I'm pretty sure that 17-19 was after I had taken over.
Oddly enough, I'm working on a relatively similar project, only it'll be available in PDF form rather than hard copy, even though it, too, focuses on papernet projects.

Folks can submit items online via, via email to me directly, or via fax at 718-228-9263. I'm also at 101 Russell St. #4-R, Brooklyn, NY 11222.

I don't want to horn in on PJM's efforts, as I think the zines are complementary rather than competitive, but it does go to show how many folks miss Global Mail.
The first issue of Papernet Gazet is now available. It should be attached to this post.

Features a great color cover by Donald R. Anderson and artwork by Fabio Sassi.

Next issue's out in September 2009. Let me know what you think!
The first issue of NODE PAJOMO is completed! It isn't too thick (20pgs) and is only quarter sized, BUT is chock full of mail art projects and mailartists wanting to exchange works with YOU! This first issue is $1 anywhere in the WORLD! Next issue (August 1) will be $1 in the USA and $2 everywhere else. Send a dollar or it's equivalent in unused US postage or your nations currency to: NODE PAJOMO, POB 2632 Bellingham, WA, 98227-2632, United States of America, Earth. See you in the mail!
Is the submission date the 15th of the month before you go to press? So, for example, July 15th for the August issue? OR....?

Also, what does Node Pajomo mean, if anything? :)
Exactly. The submission dates are the 15th of March, July and November. Issues are ready on the 1st of April, August, and December. Of course, most of this is theoretical as I've only the one issue so far, however, I got it done a few days EARLY. This may never happen again.

Pajomo is an amalgam of a couple of my names and Node in this instance is used in reference to social networks. Node Pajomo is the name of my node in the mail art network.

Hope that helped!
Very cool - the name and the info! Thanks. I'm putting something in the mail for you today - sort of a subscription! :)
I'm happy to say I got my copy of Node Pajomo yesterday and I'm loving it. My intention is to send something in for the August issue. :)
The compact magazine has loads of information! Thanks for sending me a copy of the magazine!





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