I have only done a couple of envelopes and each time I used just watercolours, tomorrow I am going to do one with some collage on it,  my question is to those who use watercolours, or clue things onto your envelopes to you put anything over the top to protect it during its travels and if so what do  you use    ? 

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WoW! I love the bits sent to Margreet and Guy.  Pretty inspiring stuff.  Makes me want to start experimenting with some rebellious mailings of my own.  Thank you, Ruud.  :)

curious to see what replies you get to this
suppose you could use a self-shining spray-on floor wax

I have  used cheap hair-spray to (hopefully) protect glue edges, etc

in light of description of Bleus mailings, item to Guy is not only appropriate, but so Data Dada

I use acrylic paint. That itself protects the envelope against water coming inside. Expensive, but works very good....

Data Dada or Big Data?

I am so less concern when sending mails. 

But some people put pouch over on postcard.

Or you can put plastic wrap or plastic bag and put address on top if you concern... 


I send a lot of collaged envelopes and postcards (paper collage, not 3D items).  I use Golden matte gel medium as my glue, because it's very strong.  And then I generally finish it with an acrylic spray sealant (Krylon is one brand, but there are others).  Put your postage stamps on AFTER sealing it.

I like to Mod Podge everything. It can act as a sealant but also can add texture.

Annette, Late to the discussion, but just thought I'd mention: for my clients' mailart (long story) because it is a product they've paid for and they want it to be pristine, I use resealable acrylic bags that fit each envelope like a glove. Bag can be re-opened for stamping, inspection, whatever, but the artwork stays clean, is reasonably waterproof—important, given that "the sky is falling" in Darwin and Queensland these days, and any labels and barcodes that the PO wants to stick on stay on the outside of the bag.

Though for my personal mail art I find signs of a long, harrowing, eventful voyage are like treasured battle scars.

Bear in mind that whatever you glue on, thickness is a consideration for standard postage charges in Oz. I think over 5mm makes it a large letter, and doubles the postage...

As Richard says, don't overthink it or stress too much about getting everything perfect, just send something out and see how it goes!




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