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At 7:56pm on September 15, 2013, Mail Rat said…
At 5:02pm on September 9, 2013, Carmela Rizzuto said…

Hi Anna---Thank you for the issue of Banana Rag No. 43, September 2013, the stamps and the airbrushed & stenciled envelope.  They have been added to my IUOMA photo stream and have been blogged at

PS: Vizma Bruns/IOUMA was impressed with the Aussie Big Banana stamp!

At 9:49pm on July 23, 2013, olgacorrales said…

Mail Art - CONTRA LA TRATA DE MUJERES- Se agradece la difusión

   Hola como estan ? . Les envío la convocatoria de Miradas y Postales para presentarse en el IV Encuentro de Artistas por la No violencia hacia las Mujeres en noviembre de este año en la ciudad de Bahía Blanca-Argentina  ,por si estan interesad@s , este proyecto en particular  va a trabajar el tema de la trata de mujeres ,concientizar a traves del Arte , el envío es solo por correo postal ,este proyecto se va a mostrar en varios países sea por medio de proyecciones de videos,diapositivas, como por envío postal para muestras en galerías,museos espacios públicos y/o salones  ,la idea es crear una red de información a través del arte .
El proyecto anterior de Miradas y Postales -Por la No violencia hacia las Mujeres -recibío una convocatoria de 152 personas de 25 países y un total de 256 postales artísticas.

Muchas Gracias Saludos Cordiales Olga Corrales

Se agradece la participación y difusión del proyectoMAIL ART-ARTE POSTAL --CONVOCATORIA 2013 - MIRADAS Y POSTALES- Contra la trata de Mujeres -Against trafficking in Women para el IV Encuentro de Artistas por la No violencia hacia las Mujeres en Noviembre-Bahía Blanca-Argentina .

Se Agradece difusión Se invita-convoca a Artistas-No Artistas a realizar Arte Postal . Reflejando la situación Sociocultural-Política-Económica sobre el Tráfico de mujeres en sus países ,para el ” Encuentro de Artistas por la No violencia hacia las mujeres” a realizarse en Bahía Blanca-Argentina,en Noviembre de 2013 en el marco del Día Internacional por la No violencia hacia las Mujeres.
 Técnicas ;Libre( fotografías, collage ,pinturas , grabados, escritos, poemas, etc.
Todos los escritos, poemas, versos, frases, deben ser pasados al ingles y al español.
 Tamaño: Libre Cantidad :Libre
Fecha de cierre de recepción: 10-11-2013
No jurado, , no devolución, no comercialización.

Todas las obras serán publicadas on-line en el blog -

Se seleccionaran todas las obras recibidas salvo las que no guarden el criterio de la temática propuesta,por q la intención es concientizar por medio del Arte.

 La participación en esta convocatoria es libre e implica el conocimiento y plena aceptación de las bases de la misma.

 Las Postales deberán ser enviadas en sobre cerrado junto con datos personales a esta dirección Argentina:
Olga Corrales
Dirección:Libertad nº3756-Ing White Bahia Blanca-Pcia de Bs As-Argentina
C.P. 8103
IMPORTANTE: Enviar las imágenes en formato JPG (preferiblemente no muy pesadas) a las siguientes direcciones mail:
Serán subidas al blog http://

At 7:18pm on June 4, 2013, Dimitra Papatheodorou said…

Dear Anna, thank you for your wish for Greece.Wonderful envelope with so many interesting things inside. My best wishes for you. Dimitra.

At 12:07am on May 31, 2013, Celestino Neto said…

Grupo Toca do Lobo - Mail Art Call



Convidamos voces para participarem do nosso Projeto de
Arte Postal
Mago ou Magi, plural da palavra Persa antiga magus,
significando tanto imagem quanto "um homem sábio",
que vêm do verbo cuja raiz é "meh", significando grande, e em sânscrito,
“maha". Mago usualmente denota aquele que pratica a magia ou ocultismo;
no entanto, pode indicar também alguém que possui conhecimentos e habilidades
superiores como, por exemplo, quando se diz que um músico é um "mago dos teclados",
pois toca com perfeição o instrumento musical.

Tema: Mago
Técnica: Livre
Tamanho: A4 ( no máximo)
Inicio do Projeto: 2010
Término do Projeto: 3 / 11 / 2013

Qualquer pessoa pode participar,
Artistas e qualquer pessoa ao redor do mundo, enviando trabalhos com o tema “Mago”.
Não Haverá Júri e os trabalhos recebidos não serão devolvidos.
Os Trabalhos serão catalogados e estarão disponível no blog da Toca do Lobo sem valor comercial.
Exposição dos trabalhos online no blog oficial da Toca do Lobo e exposição em espaço público.
Os trabalhos podem ser enviado para o endereço:

Grupo Toca do Lobo
Rua: Nossa Senhora Aparecida, novo Nº69 (antigo 28) Apto 21
Vila Fátima – Guarulhos – São Paulo
Cep: 07191-191
At 2:03am on May 4, 2013, Heleen de Vaan said…

Thank you again for your wonderful mail, Anna!

I published it here.

At 12:58pm on April 22, 2013, Heleen de Vaan said…

Dear Anna,

I am extremely curious to knowing what you will do with colour test prints.

Meanwhile I've enjoyed to explore every food package that came into my hands. And have sent you some, hope they'll arrive safely.
And hope you don't mind that I've let other people know about your project, hope they'll send their colour test prints to you, too!


At 7:52pm on March 6, 2013, Valentine Mark Herman said…

Bonsoir Anna,

Thanks so very much for the lovely sheet of stamps that you sent me AND the postcard for my Exhibition. I really appreciate that you habe participated in my mail art project. There probably won't be a proper catalogue (I can't( afford to make one, alas), but I will post photos of the cards that I receive when they go on display next month. Meanwhile, here's an invitation to the exhibition. And I'll be mailing you something back soon. Do you remember that we met at the Maastricht Kunst Tour in 2011? The 2013 version of it has been announced, and the theme is 'Humour'. I'll be there, and exhibiting somewhere or other. Hope you are well. Bestest, Val

At 6:18pm on January 22, 2013, Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) said…

Thank you, Anna, for all the fun things!

I will be adding to the puzzle piece and sending on.

'Love the artistamps you sent, too!

It is blogged here:

Anna Banana sends a puzzle piece and arty stamps!

At 11:16pm on October 10, 2012, Louise Kiner said…

Hi Anna,

I wanted to thank you for the copy of the Banana Rag and the other cool swag. I am enjoying reading it while having an afternoon coffee (my 2 favorite things: reading and drinking coffee.).

Anyway, to answer your question about "Zombie Kat" (or Zombie Kitty Kawaii!); she is a character I created and there is both a blog and a group here on IUOMA, if you would like to check it out. She is traveling the world by the postal service.

She also likes bananas.

cheers. Louise

At 11:24am on August 12, 2012, E said…
At 5:35pm on August 1, 2012, olgacorrales said…

Hi permission to drop you a way to mail art invitation, best regards Olga Corrales

mail Art

We appreciate the participation and dissemination of project

Techniques; Free (photographs, collage, paintings, prints, writings, poems, etc.

Size: Free, depending on the resources of each place and each artist, you can also reach
agreement if the country has a host-coordinator.

Quantity: Free
Closing date for receipt: 10/10/2012.

The works must be coming to Bahia Blanca, Argentina in October

No jury, no return, no works comercialización.Todas
will be published online in the blog-http :/ / /

We'll select all entries received that do not qualify unless the
the criterion of the proposed theme.

Participation in this call is free and implies knowledge
and full acceptance of the conditions thereof.

The Post should be sent in a sealed envelope along with personal information to this address before Sept. 10, 2012

Olga Corrales
Address: Libertad No 3756-Ing White
Bahia Blanca-Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina
C.P. 8000

IMPORTANT: Also send pictures in JPG format (preferably not too heavy) to the following e mail:
Will be uploaded to the blog

At 10:32am on June 14, 2012, Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) said…

Thank you Anna, your "security" collage arrived in Greece. Super nice!

I have hunted up some Greek phone and gas bills, their envelopes are a bit different,

will send them on to you soon!

Your art is blogged here:

Blue Blog Jam ...Mail Art from Angie and Sarah and Louise and Kerri and Anna Banana, M in Oman and Jon foster

At 10:02pm on March 11, 2012, Bruno Cassaglia said…

At 8:42am on November 6, 2011, Terry Reid said…
was that mellow yellow I saw you smoking?
At 1:59am on August 24, 2011, Juan Angel Italiano said…
Thank you very much for the comment. I am a big admirer of your work. Shortly I will send a letter for you. Warm hugs from Uruguay.
At 8:47pm on August 23, 2011, h.r.fricker said…

dear anna

please send your e-mail address to me, I would like to send you an invitation. greetings hr

At 1:49pm on August 17, 2011, Dean aka Artist in Seine said…


I am honoured and touched by your bar code contribution which you sent me.  It is a master piece and is still proudly displayed in our kitchen where I see it every day.  (Don't worry, sooner or later my wife will ask me to remove it.) I hope that you see bar codes in a new light as I have bananas.  Which reminds me, I have been working on two banana pieces for you, but it is taking me more time than I expected … I need to peel more bananas.  Thank you again.  Dean

At 8:06pm on June 27, 2011, Emerenciano said…
At 7:28pm on June 13, 2011, Bruno Cassaglia said…
web art - bruno --- poetamailartfluxus



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