Wonderful mailart from Ni JianMing in WuHu City AnHui Province P R CHINA

Ni JianMing,

Thank you for your wonderful mailart. How lucky I am to receive such a gift of fine art.

I wished to have an in-person conversation and gain increased understanding of what you sent me so I did the next best thing... I visited a local business, World Journal Bookstore-Detroit, located in Madison Heights, MI to discuss your mailart. Upon entering the store, Michael and his colleague were helpful and gave me translation/interpretation assistance.

Your drawing on rice paper of a traditional Chinese dancer in black ink with subtle tones of blue & green surrounding is very peaceful and enjoyable to look at. Michael explained to me that this style of dress dates back from the times of the Tang and Song Dynasties. I can see that you have a strong passion for keeping the traditions of China alive for many to enjoy.

Your postcard with traditional Chinese architecture is very serene. When I look at the photo it’s clear that there is harmony among the community/buildings and the waterways.  Is one of these buildings your Working Room?  You are lucky to live in such a peaceful place. Michael translated the postcard title as “Water Village Lake Country Collection Mail Exhibition”. His colleague helped me understand the writing on the back to be “Japan Artist Society an Exhibition of Ni JianMing’s work 1996-2004”.

He explained that the red stamp on the back of the envelope says “Within 100 years, to experience something directly is more important than to experience it indirectly.” In closing Michael let me know that one of the goals of World Journal Bookstore is to promote better understanding of Chinese culture. Your mailart and World Journal Bookstore have achieved that goal.

This is a beautiful work of art. (Wonderful stamps too!) You are a talented artist. I enjoy learning about the world through mailart. I feel like I took a trip to WuHu City and got a glimpse into life in China. Thanks again.

PS. I did the best I could to present your mailart. The colors in my photos/scans didn’t quite come out exactly as your original.

你的幸福、 創意與和平從發送密執安到蕪湖市。

World Peace,


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Comment by Stephen Walker on October 16, 2012 at 1:15am

nijianming's comments translated via www.bing.com/translator:

Thank you for your sincere, eager to look at my messages, enjoy my works, written specifically for this blog.
Traditional Chinese culture is too heavy, and many people find it hard to understand, just like I would like to know; Read your feelings, your emotions to the books, what books are you reading, tell me? I hope you and your friends can join me plan < company > message activity. thank you! I'm looking forward to it!

My Reply:

Ni JianMing,

Your welcome. I put your mailart on my bulletin board along with everyone's mailart designs I've received since I started on IUOMA in the Spring. It's nice to be surrounded by an abundance of creativity. My apartment feels more international now.

As far as what I'm reading; I will start "Moonwalking with Einstein" by Joshua Foer soon. One of the challenges I'm dealing with is not remembering as much as I used to. I'm hoping this memory improvement book will help me. 

Enjoy your day Ursula, nijianming & vizma!


Comment by Ursula Rodgers on October 4, 2012 at 3:53pm

I love that you took it to someone to help you get a better understanding of it! The art is beautiful.

Comment by nijianming on October 4, 2012 at 2:43pm


中国的传统文化太厚重,许多人一时很难理解,就像我很想了解; 阅读对您的感受,您对书的情感,您又在读什么书,能告诉我吗?希望你和您的朋友们能参加我策划的<与书作伴>的邮件活动.谢谢您!我期待着!

Comment by vizma bruns on October 4, 2012 at 11:32am

What an informative blog Stephen! Thanks for sharing your info, hats off to you!



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