The Krispy Kreme Kaper (Missouri, USA (?)

Krispy Kreme - 2.20.2016 - 1

Mail art by “Aunt Kipsy”

February 20, 2016 - This posting is primarily for those who witnessed the bizarre rise and fall of a person claiming to be named “Kipsy” or “Aunt Kipsy” (and quickly earned the nickname Krispy Kreme among DKulters) who was briefly a member of the All Things Trashpo group on Facebook.

Diane Keys became increasingly concerned about Kipsy’s strange postings, pleas to join DKult, private messages to members and begging for mail. Kipsy was removed from the group and blocked by most of the people I know. I cannot emphasize enough how bizarre and offensive a person would have to be in order to be removed from a Trashpo group and DKult.

The tale of Krispy Kreme is long, convoluted and lacking in solid facts. The strangeness of it rivals some of the bizarre Neoist activities I witnessed “back in the day.” I will stick to a bare minimum. Mark Bloch claims to have insider knowledge (he will not reveal his source) that Kipsy is a fake identity created by mail artist Madawg Painter of Dark. I am, in fact, a Dawg fan. Yet when approaching Dawg the void opens. Who is Madawg Painter of Dark? Dawg is yet another contrived identity created by another contrived identity.

Before I finally blocked Krispy permanently, s/he had sent me numerous messages. Krispy claimed to be a woman in the state of Missouri (USA) who had become involved in some sort of political-cultural intrigue. She said she was being protected by agents of the United States government. She said she needed mail artists to send her work; somehow that would aid in her battle against the murky foes that were surrounding her. Sometimes she referred to a guarded compound. Sometimes she claimed she was mayor of a small town. Other times she claimed to be collecting material for a Ph.D. dissertation. We were, of course, able to connect her to a real profile on FB; but as I said, it was completely incongruous and nonsensical.

I suspect we will never know the full truth about Krispy Kreme. Some of us will never forget he/r. Before closing the file, I submit three separate mailings I received from someone at least claiming to be Aunt Kipsy.

Krispy Kreme - 2.20.2016 - 2

Mail art by “Aunt Kipsy” (Missouri, USA (?)

Inside the first piece (above) was a cut-up Personality Modulation Machine (PPM) Head Trauma Survey. These were once used in a Trashpo mailing, and I had asked Krispy Kreme to complete one as part of the DKult application process. (This was before Krispy had started to worry and then scare me.)

Krispy Kreme - 2.20.2016 - 3

Krispy - 2.20.2016 - 4

Here is a second mailing received from “Aunt Kipsy” (aka Krispy Kreme):

Krispy - 2.20.2016 - 5

Mail art by “Aunt Kipsy” (aka Krispy Kreme) (Missouri, USA (?)

Note that this piece, while using my address, is directed to Diane Keys. Here is the reverse side:

Krispy - 2.20.2016 - 6

And a third and final piece:

Krispy Kreme - 2.20.2016 - 7

Mail art by “Aunt Kipsy” (Missouri, USA (?)

Aunt Kipsy managed to create a fairly accomplished Trashpo collage in this piece. S/he seemed to be obsessed with gaining membership in DKult. What is interesting in this piece is that Krispy somehow obtained pieces of writing by Diane Keys. I have been corresponding with DK for a long time, and I recognize her handwriting. Perhaps DK and Krispy corresponded before things got really strange? But then why was Krispy directing mail to DK via me? I return to my original refrain: The whole thing is completely nonsensical.

Krispy Kreme - 2.20.2016 - 8

So I submit my final report concerning the Krispy Kreme Kaper and assign it to the X-Files.

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