"SWEET JOSEPH" 1 + 2 from Erni, the Haptic Werewolf Strikes Again..twice!

"Sweet Joseph" Part One came in a small package about 10x20x5 cm, 

"Sweet Joseph" Part Two is a flat package 33x33 cm square..both arrive in today's delivery. YAY!

Opening Part One, listening to the rattling of something inside, haptic wonders are unveiled .

Inside package Part One is another well-sealed package, mysterious contents, no doubt!

Good wrapping material...also good for haptic collage art in the future..."Sweet Joseph" on a plastic container:

Aha! "Sweet Joseph" is NOT about my father, who had the name Joseph,

nor about my son who has the name Peter-Joseph,

it is all about JOSEPH BEUYS! And margarine?

Candy! "Sweet"....candy! Well, the "sage" flavored are a bit nasty, give me choco anyday!

All gone... And now onto "Sweet Joseph" Part Two! Oh, 'tis like Christmas, opening gifts and all that!

Inside Part Two package is another package...but check out the array of interesting species on the outside:

(Hmmm? A German John Bennett shopping list?) And a Ship-of-Fools?

Our Erni is King of Trash...and DK is Queen of Trashpo!

And there is ANOTHER package inside the second package which was inside the first package...

(nice wrapping material, will recycle, reuse, and make sandpo/trashpo art) Also inside was a  small plastic envelope with "JOSEPH" portrait photos...thank you, thank you, Erni! He is one of my art heroes, too!

And inside the final package...Herr Haptic Erni honors me with one of those rare collages...

with TOOTHBRUSH! (needed after all those candy "sweets")

and elephants that dance, "Baby Elephant Walk"...

and sounds-in-the-matchbox...for Sweet Joseph Beuys! Thank you, Erni!

See? A real toothbrush!

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