Statement of intent for the years to come to pass

Statement of intent for the years to come to pass

                               Carlo Monni Docet

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-Bring Sandals without socks even in midwinter.

-Wear sandals with thick wool socks on rainy days and put them to dry in the radiator of the restaurant.

- Teaching us to know the winds and their effects on the mind

- Disregard of the money lost to play cards

- Never take back the borrowed money ( "e son'amici ...")

- Love poems Cardarelli

- Having transformed Campi Bisenzio in Champs-sur-le-Bisence to frances

- Recognize the quality of taverns and restaurants by name and by the sign

- To recognize the art of others

- A walk every day at the Cascine for twenty or thirty kilometers to lengthen life

- Use as the supermarket bag briefcase

- Walk briskly to more than seven kilometers per hour

- Be packaged in a jute bag, long handles because the supermarket bags are broken and have the réclame

- Lather on the shore and wash in salt water

- Bathing in the sea always with her pants and never with the costume

- Recognize the poetry and make it their own trapping her with their pain

- Wear on any occasion jeans and T-shirt

-have a dislike to the designers and the clothes and live in one of the luxury shopping area

-Drink gin and tonic raising the elbow above the glass.

- Find the restaurant Maecenas the Hill Fried Chicken the cellar in San Casciano i Fratelli Briganti Florence Panoramic over Empoli in Caciaia in Antignano the Casa del Popolo in Attic Rodolfo Fields and The watering in Paterna

- Put Tiscali and Alice without having the computer

- Host Ceccarini at home on nights when he is crying in despair

- Do the same with Giacinto said Romoletto

- To house Thomas for long period in the mattress-room-for-guests

- Throwing out the window the mattress-room-for-guests

- Use a Divine Comedy as a leg of the bed

- Keep meats and wines in the bathroom

- Buy the bulk Wine especially Manone

- Throw away a French check believing taxes are payable

- Look better a second time and find that they money to collect

- Tell your closest friends that he had thrown away the French check

- Not to cut the nails of the big fingers for good luck

- Heal a swollen leg and flushed to the limits of gangrene with potato wraps when everyone says to go to the hospital

- Heal after a week

- Heal your blood sugar with white wine and gin and tonic

- Wait until spring because the snails come out and swallow them alive wrapped in a wafer to cure an upset stomach

- Never take medicine and curse those who prescribe cortisone

- Take cortisone when you're down voice

- Recognize the north wind by the smell

- Hospitalized in the clinic and get away to go do a show

- Spend the afternoons and evenings to get fleeced by the players of the New Ways and say, "and son'amici"

- Drink only bottled the wine Paterna

- Deeply hating other wine producers

- Stained with gravy white t try to clean it with mineral water and never be able to remove the halo

- Not make the bus fare for years and suddenly buy a monthly pass

- Never wash with washing the dishes in the kitchen

- Cooking with pans already used

- Make their own in the country needs between maize

- Believed to be a tramp from a bartender at Florence station

- Believed to be a bum by motorists on the seafront in Forte dei Marmi

- Believed to be a bum by the Florentines less attentive

- Believed to be an exhibitionist while you do your own needs behind a tree in the Cascine

- Believed to be drunk more than once and never be if not love

- Does not own a car a TV a phone a coat that was not that of camel (of Marcella gift) a tie a bathing suit a watch

- Know anyway what time it is

- I never drank Coca-Cola if not once a boy mixed with rum

- Only be entered once in a supermarket

- Do not know envy

- Learn about the vice being a participant but always come out clean as a baby in swaddling clothes

- Not unrivet from companies and be the last to go to bed

- Walking shirtless least for nine months a year

-urinare just stepped out of the car but never upwind

You always have in your pocket a book of poems

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