South Africa Connections 1: A Lion that Roars from Cheryl Penn

This golden lion with snakes coming forth is a four-part folded image of the new boekie that

arrived yesterday from Cheryl, filled with the aroma of oil paint and turps. A most unusual

folded booklet, it opens simply and intriguingly develops into an entire story.

From the envelope it appears as with a brown-brushed painted cover.

Within will unfold a most unusual story, but the brown cover flaps first open downward.

And the book can actually "stand" on its own, revealing a quarter section of the lion's image.

Almost leather-like textured, the first brown page opens to a batik-like green page introducing us

to the story "set in the earliest 70's...sort of".

A dream of talking lion, snakes and disbelief...

All to open to the four-fold image of this incredible LION!

An amazing piece that only Cheryl can capture with paper, paint, colors and textures!

And all this in a most interesting envelope as well:

What a joy to be "swimming upstream" with Cheryl! (And with a friendly

monkey in control with the postal service!) Many thanks, Cheryl, it is "FAB"!!!!

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Comment by cheryl penn on February 26, 2011 at 2:19pm
Hello Katerina :-) you asked me yesterday about the sun - today it is hot hot with a shining deep blue sky - a beautiful day :-) Very glad you like the booklet :-) I promised you a new way to make them... i must say, the postal service to your house is like a jet train!!! lucky you :-)



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