Secret Masters of Add & Pass: Joey Patrickt +! More (Oakland, California, USA)


Joey 8.5.2019 - 1

Mail art (a&p sheet) from IUOMA member Joey Patrickt (Oakland, California, USA) including contributions by Joey, Mike Dickau (Sacramento, California, USA) (IUOMA); The Sticker Dude (New York City, USA) (IUOMA); “Opal Moiety” (San Francisco, California, USA) & more explained below


August 5, 2019 - My investigative mail art series documenting & exploring the current add & pass mania (add & passion?) sweeping the Eternal Network continues with this very interesting mailing from Joey Patrickt in California.

I have noted in previous posts in the series that “Old School” mail artists seem to be drivers of the a&p nouveaux, based on what lands in my mailbox & what I see posted online.

Make no mistake! Many new generation artists are contributing to contemporary a&p. In my opinion, the sheets (and books!) are becoming increasingly creative & sophisticated. Usually, though, I will recognize a veteran or two among the new names on any given sheet. (Often, a veteran launches the a&p.)

This is a pleasing continuity of tradition because – of course – the “Old School” folks can often be traced to associations with Ray Johnson & the New York Correspondance School. Ray Johnson & his cohorts pioneered the a&p we know today.

This a&p from Joey Patrickt boasts longtime West Coast mail art stars (as well as The Sticker Dude from the East) and a Rocola endorsement from the great John Held, Jr. I am afraid Opal Moiety (Jonkar Alex Nu-Jetson) is too cryptic or insider or esoteric for me to offer a comment of any use. The sheet has great pedigree but seems to be begging for additions. Here is the reverse side:


Joey 8.5.2019 - 21



Joey Patrickt also included additional items in the mailing including these amazing stamps:


Joey 8.5.2019 - 3



Joey 8.5.2019 - 4

By Joey Patrickt


Joey env 11



Joey env 2



joey env 31


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Comment by De Villo Sloan on August 7, 2019 at 3:05am

Anyone know anything about the artist "Opal Moiety" who signed this a&P? I know all the artists except Opal. Any background would be appreciated.

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