Roanoke afterMAF 2015

Schedule (organized by Olchar Lindsann)

All Day Starting @Noon:
Micropress Fair / Object Displays & Video Loops

1:00 pm    Olchar Lindsann: Revenant Archive Share-and-tell (1.5-2 hours)
3:00 pm:    Olchar Lindsann: Lecture-Reading of Avant-Garde Romanticism (1 hour) / 30 min
4:30 pm:    Ex-Avant-Writing Club (1.5 hours) / 30 min
6:30 pm: Olchar Lindsann: Sound Poems
7:00 pm: Post-Neo Mayhem (Anti-Bar Vim Blat Vom Blit kuH un-itna etc.)
7:15 pm:    Michael Peters: Bar Bar Bar Lecture (30 min) / 30 min
8:15 pm:    Reid Wood: Solo Set & Skype Session (30 min) / 15 min
9:00 pm:    Cathy Mehrl Bennett: Solo Set (45 min?)

10:00 am-Noon:     Morning Session & Breakfast @ Jim Leftwich’s Home:
    Wilheim Katastrof & Aaron Bensen: Blacksmithing Demo (2 hours)

1:00 PM @Art Rat Studios:
    All Day: Micropress Fair / Object Displays & Video Loops / Joe Abel, Nonsalonanonathonalong 3

1:30 pm: Michael Peters: Sparrow Sound Poems (45 min?) / 15 min
2:30 pm:    Bradley Chriss: Solo Performance (45 min?) / 15 min
3:30 pm:    Claire Elizabeth Barratt: Skype Performance (30 min?) / 30 min
4:30 pm: Eames Armstrong: Solo Performance (45 min.?) / 45 min
6:00 pm:    John M. Bennett: Solo Set (45 min?) / 15 min
7:00 pm:    Olchar E. Lindsann: Sound Poems (30 min) / 30 min
8:30 pm:    John Thursday: Solo Performance (30 min) / 30 min
9:30 pm: Be Blank Consort (45 min?)

10:00 am-Noon:     Morning Session @ Wilheim’s Home:
    Anti-Brain Rot Mail Art Show

1:00 PM @Art Rat Studios:
    All Day: Micropress Fair / Object Displays & Video Loops 

1:15 pm:    Anti-Mass? (45 min?) / 30 min
2:30 pm:    Jennifer Weigel: Performance Scores (15 min?) / 15 min
3:00 pm:    Edwin Birch: Static Puppet Play (30 min?) / 15 min
3:45 pm:    Brian Counihan & Olchar Lindsann: Punch & Judy (30 min) / 15 min
4:30 pm: At the Moment No Idea (1 hour?) / 30 min
6:00 pm: Noise Set (Chris Cobb, Wilheim Katastrof, Olchar Lindsann) (45 min)
7:00 pm: Brute Salon (????)

Noon—Evening: AfterafterMAF Field Trip to Pulaski

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Comment by jim leftwich on July 15, 2015 at 6:52pm
Comment by jim leftwich on July 15, 2015 at 6:51pm
from Cathy Bennett, "These are BUT A FEW of the many submissions recieved from all over the world. Wilhelm Katastrof (alias Tomislav Butkovic) will be mailing documentation out. Tomislav is pictured behind the glass in this photo of postcards on french door window panes. Mailart was also hung from clips on strings in one room, and spread out on tables in both rooms."
Comment by jim leftwich on July 14, 2015 at 5:03pm

a heroic sacrifice, we will always love you for it

Comment by vizma bruns on July 14, 2015 at 10:23am

I'm exhausted. I just looked at 701 photos of After MAF. Now I have Brain Rot.



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