Mail delivery on a Monday, a first HELLenic Post surprise, and a rare sighting!

This "Apples" postcard is obviously from Australia, but who sent it?

No name , well, there are many names on the flip side, but

NOT Buz Blurr, NOT Carl Chew, NOT Richard Canard?

NOT not even Terry Reid:

and no return address, (well there are many addresses, too).

This card seems to have traveled around the world to end up in Greece, 

but who sent it?

Not a mystery, however, as the sender left a hint to "her" identity...

because of this little note along the left side:

"...don't tor-ment me"

And here is the background story:

Ruud Janssen has establish a volunteer "mentor" group to help new members coming to IUOMA.

I volunteered to be the "mentor" for the month of November, and each year I welcome the new members and usually send a welcoming mail art card, if there is a mailing address on their page. Over the past ten years, there have been many new members in the November groups, 300 or more, but how many stay, or exchange mail art, are active in any way? Very few, although with IUOMA now on FaceBook, many are active there and don't stop by here at ning that often.

However, in my group of  "newbies" in November , 2011, there was one gal who has stayed, and even came to visit Greece in 2012, my first mail artist guest in Thessaloniki! And it seems she was planning a return visit, except Covid...:stopped such plans.

Hopefully next year? 

And while a bit "quiet " the past few years, she still exchanges with her ol' mentor

or "TORmentor" as I am called :-) Thus when I saw the note: 

"...don't tor-ment me"

Mystery solved:

It is Vizma Bruns of Waitpinga, Australia, surely!

So good to see Vizma in the mail, and so glad that she remains here at IUOMA,

(we know her fun group: "Show us your Artspace!!!")

Many thanks, Viz, 'tis a great surprise to see this in today's mail!

Take care, stay safe xxx

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Comment by Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) on October 13, 2020 at 11:11am

Well, Brad, "it is a mystery"!

Perhaps Terry sent it to Carl Chew, and Carl sent it to Buz Blurr, and Buz sent it back to Australia, even back to Terry, who then sent it to Vizma? Only Viz knows :-)

It is FAB!

Comment by Bradford on October 13, 2020 at 1:40am

So if Terry Reid sent a card to Carl Chew, how'd Vizma Bruns get ahold of it?  Regardless, it's OUT-STANDA-DA.



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