Milan in Berlin with international young people

“Milan for international creative talent: Fuori Art, contest and Milan Summer School”

Milan and Berlin: two cities very alike, complimentary and stimulating to the mind that together can mould the great talent of the future. With this idea in mind the Milan City Council is presenting itself in the German capital with an event that will be held at the Kulturbrauerei in Berlin on the 10th of March 2011. To the sounds of “Mailand, Mailand, wir fahren nach Mailand” – the slogan that recalls the theme tune to the 2006 World Cup in Germany Milan is presenting itself as the capital of creative talent.


In support of the meeting between the Lombardy city and World cultures, 60 Erasmus students studying in Milan will leave Milan for Berlin on the 9th of March aboard the Mailand Bus. Mailand trifft auf Berlin: for the first time a city will present itself to another by using foreign students who study there as “ambassadors”. On the 10th of March the Erasmus “ambassadors” studying in Milan will meet their international peers from some of the Berlin university associations in several places around the German capital.

The day will end with an event at the Frannz Club in Kulturbrauerei during which there will be the international showing of a 29 minute documentary about the Milan Fuori Bit, an extremely successful initiative which ended in February 2011. Shot by Erasmus students with a German presenter, the documentary covers the highlights of Fuori Bit, among which the evening of the Party Bus, which crossed the city of Milan in an atmosphere of internationalism and the Flash Mob at the Duomo in Milan in which a circle of ESN students, the Erasmus students association from the Milan universities physically “hugged” the city symbol. The Fuori Bit, an initiative by the Milan City Council in conjunction with the International Tourism Fair (Bit), involved all the main event organisers in the city and tourist boards from 21 nations. Through the slogan "Milan in the world, the world in Milan” the streets, squares and famous places in the city became the showcase for many world cultures for three evenings (from the 17th to the 19th of February 2011), among which South Africa, Serbia and Sweden. More than 100, 00 people (according to the daily newspaper the Corriere della Sera) participated in the event, transforming Milan into a lively, creative city creating quite a stir in the Italian and international media.

There are many initiatives by the Milan City Council for international creative talent that will be presented during the “Mailand, Mailand, wir fahren nach Mailand” tour and the evening-event at the Frannz Club in Berlin.

The IdeaMi fashion show: non professional models (students) will present the t-shirts designed by the winners of the “IdeaMI” creative competition that involved international students and young designers in representing the image of Milan. More than 1000 designers and international creative artists took part in the Ideami contest, organised entirely via the Internet, using and reinventing the Milan brand.

Fuori Bit and Fuori Art, the "fuori Salone" events have now become a must on the Milan entertainment scene: important occasions to give visibility to emerging talent in an innovative way. After the Fuori Bit experience, from the 7th to the 10th of April Milan will host MiArt, the contemporary art fair in parallel with Fuori Art: the same evening the squares and places in Milan will host performances by international artists. The main galleries and some of Milan’s bars and restaurants will “adopt” a young artist giving them the possibility to exhibit their work and be visible in the city via international media. At the same time the winning images of the “Milan special effects” competition, the best work by international graphic designers who reproduce the famous sights in Milan modified with graphic effects created by them. The official start of the Blog Contest, Milan special effects will take place right in Berlin.

As well as these initiatives there are others of interest to young people such as:  Mito, the International Music Festival (September) and the LED, the International Light Festival (December).

The Milan Summer School: the summer event involving all the universities and schools in Milan aimed at those who want to mix studying and fun (

The choice of selecting young foreign students studying in the city to promote Milan is explained by Alessandro Morelli, the young councillor for Tourism, Territorial Marketing and Identity at the Milan City Council: “These initiatives are aimed at mixing fun and also knowledge of the city which knows how to offer modernity, fashion, and design as well as a thousand year old history that goes from its Celtic origins up until the present day through the Roman, Medieval and Renaissance eras.  Deep roots in the Past yet always looking straight to the future. This is what Milan has to offer to those, like young people who want to live the experience of the most international city in Europe, looking to tomorrow with the door to the World always open”.

Milano and Berlin, will meet up on the 10th of March 2011 in a project aimed at creating a direct contact between producer and the public, by concentrating on artistic and creative production. Milan is banking on promoting the creative public that can bring about new forms of expression to make Milan a city that is able to epitomize the spirit of the time, both artistic and cultural, a signal of creative rebirth in Italy firmly looking towards the future. For this reason for the first time in world history a city has chosen to promote itself using Erasmus students, the best people to promote the city of Milan where they live to a young international audience.


Event in Berlin on the 10th of March 2011

“Mailand, Mailand, wir fahren nach Mailand!”

Frannz Club in Kulturbrauerei, Schönauser Allee 36 (UB Eberswalder str.), Berlin


Programme: 9 pm press conference open to the public, 9.30 first showing of the documentary “a German Erasmus student at the fuori bit in Milano”, 10 pm party con gadgets an entertainment by  60 international Erasmus students studying in Milan. 

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