Maybe you missed these pieces I blogged at the Postal Ledger!

Anna Banana's envelopes are always such a joy to receive!  she also sent me her wonderful banana rag and a a few stamps from 2005.  To see the whole blog and some of the contents of the envelope visit:

For documentation from Rosa Gravino and a very long list of participants to the 3rd annual arte correo exhibit in Argentina, visit:

Carina Granlund sent me some road kill, a trashy envelope, an artist book with windows onto a heroine's eyes and a beautiful

flyer showing her wonderful, fabulous, journals which she exhibited in Helsinki recently.  To see all that in its entirety visit:

Diane Keys sent me an Add and Pass that Eduardo Cardoso sent her EXTRAVAGANZA and I documented it here:

along with all the other goodies Diane sent me.  I have subsequently re-purposed the broadsheet trashpo and sent the trashbook (here)

onto another trashpo lover, so stay tuned to see how my book transforms again, if it does.

Aristide 3108 doesn't seem to be an IUOMA member, but we trade from time to time.  Inspiring work!  See a few more views here:

I received my first mailing from Erniein September.  I was involved in Thom's re-mailing of Ernie's huge book and although my large postcard took a circuitous route, it eventually made it to Germany and I got Kurt inspiration from Ernie in return! To see the other side of the postcard visit:

Jean Marc Rostorfer sent me Graphitismes 35 and a heap of stamps that tumbled out of the envelope.  I should have scanned more but it must have been a busy night when I finally got around to blogging it... ' great stuff!  To see a bit more visit:

And Nancy is back! This beautiful piece was made on her first art day in months! I noticed that the brown envelope did not have its RUST stamp.  Must still be packed!  To see how much I love the piece visit:

And that's all for now!  I have some unblogged pieces that are still up at the Theta Cafe in Ipswich.  I'll be taking the Maritime Mail Art show down on Wednesday next week.  What's next?

Thanks to all who sent me these wonderful pieces!

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Comment by DKeys on October 13, 2014 at 5:56pm

the link was broken every time i tried it yesterday, but it gave me the inspiration for this glitchart devoted to Miss Rebecca

Comment by DKeys on October 13, 2014 at 5:52pm

i see it now!!  thanks for blogging!

Comment by Rebecca Guyver on October 10, 2014 at 9:08pm

I got the message (below) from Julia Heathcote who was my contact at the College.  She was keen to keep the show up through freshers week.  It's funny, the art department wouldn't get involved and were in fact, apparently, a bit anti but the feedback seems to have been great. They had it on the website, which I know you spotted.  They tried to get some press in but I never heard about that. I live 45 minutes from the venue so my local news is different. when I take it down I'm sure I'll hear more.  I am also intending to make that online catalogue and (possibly) get some printed.  I have a lot going on here so it may take a while!

Here's what Julia said, 'We have thoroughly enjoyed having the exhibition and in ‘hind sight’ wished that we had a book of comments out for people to sign etc, we’ve had some really fantastic comments."

Thanks again for all your support!  

Comment by Carmela Rizzuto on October 10, 2014 at 9:00pm

Rebecca-thanks for double-posting. It's great that the Maritime exhibit was up for so long at Theta Cafe. Did you receive any feedback on it ??? 



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