#GlobalViralEmergency / Fate Soon - Art between science, nature and technology



"#GlobalViralEmergency / Fate Soon"

Art between science, nature and technology


curated by Sandro Bongiani

with the collaboration of Ruggero Maggi and Giuseppe Denti


From Monday 30 March to Saturday 13 June 2020

"Life is nothing more than an incessant and temporary succession of presences and actions pending a possible catharsis or a near dissolution" Giovanni Bonanno

The international collective exhibition by invitation by Sandro Bongiani entitled "#GlobalViralEmergency / Fate Presto", an exhibition born in just 20 days with the participation of 72 invited contemporary artists they are compared from different latitudes of the globe on the problem of the planetary pandemic from COVID-19, showing the contradictions of the current consumer society and trampled values.

It is not the first time that artists have taken a first-hand position on existential political and social problems, each has done so with their own contrasting sensations, highlighting the problematic and true essence of our existence, in the belief that they can be in some way still useful to this precarious society. What we are experiencing with the emergency is very complex and when ever difficult to erase. Today, the entire planet is engaged, in this struggle against time, of how to resolve this catastrophe that suddenly appeared on the horizon, which in fact changed our habits, our perception of the world and how to plan the near future. Everything will no longer be the same as before, life, culture, art and what we have around us will inevitably have to change and remodel to be still credible. To participate and be active in this planetary disaster, we at the Bongiani Ophen Art Museum in Salerno activated an online Net Art project in just twenty days with an interactive virtual exhibition visible 24 hours a day in all parts of the world, both for to urge politics, finance, the entire community and even the world of art to a leap of pride in search of any form of redemption and rebirth. In this difficult condition of collective unease, the only important thing we could do, using the Internet, was to ask the artists what they thought of the current situation, the state of collective and global isolation in which we suddenly found ourselves. After this catastrophe, with all the galleries and cultural spaces closed, this is in fact the only possible and achievable exhibition in the whole planet earth. The exhibition presents in digital form most of the artistic research in progress, a significant sample of reflections of the current panorama of art outside of pre-established and mercantile strategies of the already addicted official art system. In short, the other hidden side of the coin with the consequent reactive and divergent dissonances of different artists who are not uniform with respect to the convictions of convenience that the cultural and official art system, in all possible ways, has long decided to conceal and to deliberately leave outside the door.

We did it using, as always, our important all-Italian virtual non-profit platform of contemporary art that we have been managing for over ten years, a highly efficient experimental reality worthy of being considered among the few and most interesting startups in the world of web. Not an occasional web improvisation as the official art galleries do today, which, suddenly, poured the contents of their work into the web knowing that they have little competence in this regard. In fact, we are perhaps the only gallery, albeit virtual, capable of activating wide-ranging proposals today. All this makes us confident by allowing us to make non-profit culture with a serious and reasoned program of events, making known the artists and contemporary art in the world without any speculative and commercial interest. Technology for a long time opposed and considered the ruin of our time, today comes to our rescue, we find it a friend and participant in this condition of isolation and social unease making us feel with the internet and the various social networks closer in this unfortunate and unbearable widespread isolation . As Christian Caliandro rightly warns in one of his notes "it is difficult to think that, at the end of the emergency, everything will return as before," Everything will not be the same as before. It is sure that from this emergency, from now on, everything will no longer be as it once was, it will obviously depend on us, on what we will be able to do to rediscover the desire for survival and perhaps rebirth from this huge and problematic collective ordeal. That is our, indeed, a good omen for a possible and probable rebirth of mankind. Sandro Bongiani

Artists present: Adolfina De Stefani  ITALIA I Alberto Vitacchio  ITALIA I Alessandra Angelini ITALIA I Alessandra  Finzi  ITALIA I Alexander Limarev RUSSIA I Alfonso Caccavale ITALIA I Anna Boschi  ITALIA I Antonio Sassu ITALIA I Bruno Cassaglia ITALIA I Calogero Barba  ITALIA I Carl T. Chew USA I Carla Bertola ITALIA I Cinzia Farina ITALIA I Claudio Grandinetti ITALIA  I Claudio Parentela ITALIA I Claudio Romeo  ITALIA I Coco Gordon USA I Emilio Morandi ITALIA I Enzo Patti ITALIA I Ernesto Terlizzi ITALIA I Fernando Aguiar PORTOGALLO  I Filippo Panseca ITALIA I Francesco Aprile ITALIA I Franco Di Pede ITALIA I Franco Panella ITALIA I Gabi Minedi ITALIA I Gennaro Ippolito ITALIA I Gianni Marussi ITALIA I Giovanna Donnarumma ITALIA I Giovanni Bonanno ITALIA I Giovanni Fontana ITALIA I Giovanni Rubino ITALIA I Giuseppe  Denti  ITALIA I  Guido Capuano ITALIA I Ina Ripari  ITALIA I Ivana Frida Ferraro ITALIA  I Jack Seiei GIAPPONE I James  Felter CANADA I John M. Bennett USA I John Held  USA I Jose Molina SPAGNA I Kiki Franceschi ITALIA I  Lamberto Caravita  ITALIA I Lamberto Pignotti ITALIA I Lars Schumacher GERMANIA I Leonor Arnao  ARGENTINA I Linda Paoli ITALIA I Luc Fierens  BELGIO I Lucia Spagnuolo ITALIA I Luisa Bergamini ITALIA I Maria Credidio ITALIA I  Mariano Bellarosa ITALIA I Maribel Martinez  ARGENTINA I Mauro Molinari ITALIA I Maya Lopez Muro  ARGENTINA I Natale Cuciniello ITALIA I Oronzo Liuzzi  ITALIA  I  Paolo Gubinelli  ITALIA I Paolo Scirpa  ITALIA I Patrizio Maria  ITALIA I Pier Roberto Bassi ITALIA I Patrizia Tictac GERMANIA I Rachelline Centomo MESSICO I RCBz USA I Reid Wood USA I  Rosalie  Gancie USA I Ruggero Maggi ITALIA I Ryosuke Cohen GIAPPONE I Serse Luigetti ITALIA I Teo De Palma  ITALIA I Virgilia Milici  ITALIA I Vittore Baroni ITALIA.



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