Fantastic Giant Supermega Mail Art Parcel from Erni Bär, Germany

Luckily my neighbours were home so they could take this Giant-Supermega-very-interesting-parcel from the postman. I don't know what to say! The parcel itself is already fantastic. So thinks Troels, the ginger one.

I love the drawing in the middle and the (Dutch?) caravans in the left corner.

Erni writes 'If you can't get any high art - why not trying some low?'. This does absolutely not apply to this fabulous parcel, me thinks.

This side of the parcel has a note. It makes it all the more interesting to guess of what will be in it.

Why not buy two lovely dresses for the price of one? The ladies look very happy in their outfit ;)). Now the big moment is there... opening Erni's giant supermega parcel.


Wow! On june 30st I have a Christmas feeling. Erni, this is so cool. How can you think I would be entthäust (disappointed). Thank you so much. Vielen, vielen Dank.

This is a giant poster with bright colours and cute creatures. Love it.

Haha, awesome monster-zombies. Now Erni, how did you find out I like funny monster and/or zombies / and or cute creatures. They look a bit like Lordi from Finland. HardRock Hallelujaaaaaa.

Another great collage from Erni and a tight sealed plastic box with bottle caps and a blue star.

Joseph and Troels are very interested in the cartonage tube. I recognize the rood-wit-blauw ribbon ;))

It took some effort to get it out of the tube but here is another fab collage from Erni!

Then there is this mysterious 'Erni's little goodie bag'. Again Joseph and Troels can't wait for me to open it. Maybe it contains some cat treats?

Traspo from Hamburg! Like like like. This is a wonderful start of a sunny saturday in Amsterdam. Thank you so much, Erni. You made my day.

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Comment by Nancy Bell Scott on July 5, 2012 at 8:12pm

Wow. At least 5 thumbs up!



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