Asemic Book Pages by Terry Owenby (Portland, Oregon, USA)

Terry - 4.30.2016 - 1

Mail art by IUOMA member Terry Owenby (Portland, Oregon, USA)

May 1, 2016 - Terry Owenby generously and kindly sent me pages she has made for Moan Lisa’s (evolving) collaborative book project. These books will be organized and assembled using a process similar to what Cheryl Penn (South Africa) and I used with the Asemics 16 project. This is an ambitious undertaking for Moan Lisa and all the artists/writers involved. The result will certainly be a collection of new and significant contributions to the growing body of asemics and vispo. I have deep admiration for them.

I think Terry Owenby’s asemic calligraphy is absolutely spectacular. She creates that wonderful asemic magic where language and meaning are tantalizingly suggested and then dissipate like a mirage with scrutiny. The viewer/reader enters the field of the text and is suspended between coherence and the ineffable.

Terry - 4.30.2016 - 2

This page is my fave:

Terry - 4.30.2016 - 3

Here is a close-up showing the erasure technique that is used on this particular composition:

Terry - 4.30.2016 - 4

Terry - 4.30.2016 - 5

Terry Owenby also included a wonderful vispo work that is independent of the book pages:

Terry - 4.30.2016 - 6

And the reverse:

Terry - 4.30.3016 - 7

And the envelope:

Deepest thanks to Terry Owenby!

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