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Another Music Mail Art Call

As a follow-up to Adam Roussopoulos’s Mail Art Playlist, here’s a new Musical Mail Art Call – this time prioritizing interesting, obscure, experimental music you want to share. Responses must be mailed. Feel free to share this Call far and wide.…


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A New Old project

Just finished up a 52-page book, made from the 78 pieces gathered from my never-completed 1997 "Transport" mail art call. Amazing contributors (many now gone) and pieces. You can download it here, or ask for a print version via IUOMA Message. My site is also up-to-date with now over 1200 pieces since returning a year…


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Eternal Brainstem Network

Inspired by earlier Mail Artist Cow pieces, I put something together to document everyone who's sent things to the Nonlocal mailbox since 1 January 2024. Nice start to the art year, thank you...

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Mail Art Continuum book

We at the Crevicist Institute are pleased to announce that the results of the Mail Art Continuum project, An Art Investigation, is in the mail to participants. If you want a copy, send me a message in IUOMA, my email or the postal system.…


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Le Mail Art Continuum - closing soon

I've been sending around a survey about your Mail Art styles. If you haven't gotten the Mail Art Continuum, it's below. Feel free to add your response to my IOUMA message box or print and send it to my address.

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2024 Mail Art Calendar! Need help!

We need a Dada 2024 Calendar to keep our art anarchy fresh. I am looking for (or more!) 12 mail art images in the style of dada, fluxus, neoism, situationism or our own crevicism. I need 4” x 6” (10cm x 15) works of mail art to adorn the top bit of each month. If you want to participate, please send your work via mail to Nonlocal Variable / Calendar by 31 December 2023, or send a high-res image to my email in Iouma. All participants get a calendar and participant list. Calendars will be…


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Mega Brain Cells!

Big package from Japan landed on the porch, from Ryosuke Cohen. Inside was original Brain Cells - 1141 to 1175, 35 in all. Here's the back cover of the package. More details/images in the Brain Cell - Ryosuke Cohen - Compilation group in IUOMA. What a generous gift. Will scan and post issues missing in that group over the next couple of weeks.…


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Happy International Mail Art Day 2023!

It's that time again. Celebrate our brilliant little art movement. Thanks with graphics from Keith Bates...…


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Additions to Nonlocal's website

Just spent time updating and enhancing my site. There are now over 300 pieces received in the mail in 2023, over 200 items I've created in 2023, and a pretty comprehensive mail artist website roll. And of course the Crevicist Manifesto if you haven't checked it out. Enjoy.

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Ray Johnson memoriam 1995

Just tripped over a piece sent from Crackerjack, part of call after Ray passed. Guy Bleus posted contributions @ T.A.M. Archives, 22 Feb 1995.…


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New works on

I've posted a big batch of new incoming mailart from friends, and new items from Nonlocal. Swipe right on mobile, click left arrow on PCs/Macs to get new postings. And check out the new art manifesto as…


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New art manifesto for the 2020s!

The art movements leading up to mail art all had manifestos and -isms: Fluxus, Dada, Neoism and the rest. I've been thinking about how mail art has continued for over 60 years. As it's a generally obscure practice, it seemed it's time for a new manifesto to answer that question. Today I'm happy to present the Crevicist Manifesto (Manifesto à la Crevicismé), inspired by George Maciunas' Fluxus Manifesto. It's posted on…


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Give up art :-\

Found a little Neoist book on Amazon, Give Up Art by Tony Lowes. After reading it, Monty Cantsin decided to clear the wall and put up a completely blank canvas.

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Busy day in the mail

This is getting out of hand. Jammed mailbox. Still Life with Mailart below from C Bennett, Ryosuke, Carol Stetser, Carl Baker, Peter Wilson, Valentina Cozzi, Opal Moiety. Thank you all!

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New items on

The site has 50 new pieces of art from nonlocal variable and incoming pieces from mailart friends. Scroll backwards to see new items… I’ve also added Josh Ronsen and Paulo Alexanxre Rocha Teles’ sites in the blog roll on the…


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Apple product leak

Rumor has it that Tim Cook will be announce 2 new products at the Apple Developer Conference.…


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New blogroll on

If you're one of those people who likes to look at mail artists' archive sites, I've dropped a carefully-curated blogroll of 40-ish sites below the fold on the homepage. Feel free to ask to have yours added if it's not there :-).…


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New non website

The Nonlocal has built a website with archives from the network and Non art as well. Lots of 90s stuff, and will also post 2023-onward from post-mail-art slumber. Very basic beta site, will be improving over the next month. Check the post at bottom of home page for what's what. Feedback via the Contact page...…


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Incoming whimsy from Theo Nelson

Mashup from Theo...Baroni, Giecek, C. Bennett, Kaz, Whorall, Stetser…


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