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Submissions Wanted: Art Reflecting on Trump et. al

Submissions Wanted, Art Reflecting on Trump. Please visit:
Contact: Eve Lyons,

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E-Card as Spiritual Art Reflection on Trump Election (Please consider re-posting/sharing)

Like all of us, wrestling with the 2016 election results and its aftermath, the fears I have for this country and the planet have grown deeper.   As a result I found myself working on the image above.  As…


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Sound Collage Song Cycle, Free to Listen

Threnody for a Forgotten Plague, Christmas…


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Sound Collage for WORLD AIDS DAY 2014

From a work-in-progress, "Threnody for a Forgotten Plague", work concerned with the early days of the AIDS pandemic. "Researching Plague" is one of the more particularly experimental pieces of the series, dealing with the fracturing of voices which occurs during such an outbreak: the medical, political bureaucracy vs. the…


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Appreciation to a Critic

Dear Tyler:

Thank you for taking the time to listen/view my submissions. Although you weren't exactly bowled over with the work (ahem!), it's still cool BDC Wire invited participants and gave honest responses.

God, I guess I should blog this, since it is going to be out there for posterity!

Best to you with your writing, radio, and aspiring film career,


Subject: Two Bad Reviews in the Space of 5 Minutes on the Same Day!

My cup runneth…


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Postcard for Humanity (Formerly Postcard to Putin)

Tired of global abuses against LGBT people?

Please consider sending/posting a


Or feel free to right click on image(s) on this…


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Postcard to Putin (A little online artistic activism, please consider getting involved)

Want to support the athletes who have trained so hard to compete in the Winter Olympics?

Want to send a message of support to the LGBT people of Russia?

Not happy with Vladimir Putin's human rights abuses?

If the enclosed images “strike a chord” with you consider posting or passing on. (Just right click on image, choose "copy", "paste" or "save as".)…


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Want to support the IUOMA with a financial gift via PayPal?

The money will be used to keep the IUOMA-platform alive. Current donations keep platform online till 1-april-2022. If you want to donate to get IUOMA-publications into archives and museums please mention this with your donation. It will then be used to send some hardcopy books into museums and archives. You can order books yourself too at the IUOMA-Bookshop. That will sponsor the IUOMA as well.










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