Fast Eyes

Fairfax Station, VA

United States

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I have been doing mail art for many years and have enjoyed the give and take of others of a like mind.
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P.O.Box 7213, Fairfax Station, VA 22039-7213

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  • Norma Soulet

    Hi Fast Eyes,

    I received the SIX Add N' Pass today!

    I didn't expect so many but now they are ALL DONE!


  • Norma Soulet

    Hi Fast Eyes,

    No, it wasn't a burden. I had time to work on all of them.

    Until next time,


  • Mim Golub Scalin

    About joining a group, I think one just goes to group and signs up, adds oneself, as a member. I don’t remember doing anything special. Let me know if that works.
  • Amy Irwen

    Great..have fun *!*

  • Pam McVay

    As soon as I finish up with the Add & Pass book (Jon Foster's), I will mail it your way!  

  • Pam McVay

    Thank you so much!

  • barbargirl

    Awesome-glad it arrived.

  • Mim Golub Scalin

    It's always so odd when we know we have the correct address and yet the mail gets returned to us. I look forward to receiving mail from you. I'm off on holiday for a bit so it'll be waiting for me when I return. yay. Mail.

  • jimmyconnors


  • Julie Dennehy

    Enjoy your A&P!
  • Gerda Osteneck

    Hi Fast Eyes. I tried responding to your note on my phone but kept losing it. Definately not a techie. Do whatever technique you like with the blank journal pages. The overall aim is to get a variety from different folks in the mailArt world. Write a story, collage, draw... whatever you wish. I plan to post a scanned copy of Volume one but haven't gotten it done yet. Cheers

  • Jayne Barket Lyons

    Thanks, Fast Eyes! Finally posting about your mail from ‘18...

  • Toni Hanner -- tonipoet

    Yes, that cat collagey thing was from me. miau!

  • Toni Hanner -- tonipoet

    Hi Fast Eyes -- thank you for the great card "so much to be explained." It's pretty much how I feel these days. I'm getting better little by little. A flight of stairs is no joke, though. 

  • Cherub Ayers

    Sending you mail art today!!!

  • Norma Soulet

    Hi Fast Eyes,

    So happy the A&P's and the goodies arrived.

    Enjoy, Norma

  • Crystal S

    Glad it made it! 

  • allison

    hey fast... been a minute! hope you are well <3

  • Toni Antonetti

    You're welcome! 

  • Toni Antonetti

    You're welcome!

  • Olena Spicer

    Thank you for letting me know, Fast :)

  • Yasmina Mobarek

    Thank you!

  • Richard BAUDET

    Hello  Fast Eyes ! 

  • Gerda Osteneck

    Hi Ffast Eyes, I did send about 50 postcards from NZ. I have a list somewhere. lol  I am the worst file clerk. I did a bunch of painted surfboards, some collage... We were grateful to have been there early enough this year that Covid didnt shorten or alter our trip significantly. Fabulous place!  Cheers

  • Mah Nu

    Thanks for the welcome and the fun mail! Looking forward to future correspondence :)

  • Mah Nu

    Thank you for the lovely postcard!

  • Jenn Miltenberger

    Mail in, love your Add and Pass sheet! 

  • Motherbrando

    Im always and forever open to any and all mail .  . send the A&p's


    I have to approve all comments,once I do, they appear.

  • Fast Eyes

    Little A&P booklet came home. Thanks to Barbie Nelis, Fleur Helsingor, Kayenderes, Norma Soulet, Sticker Dude, Bonniediva, and Renee Brandow. Very neat and fun book. Thanks all.
  • Maggie Mize

    Are you still participating in add and pass mini books? If so, I have one to send you.

    Maggir Mize -- heymaggie

  • Coco Muchmore

    Glad it arrived, Fast Eyes! Thank you for your kind message--hope to hear from you soon. Coco

  • Jason Bartlett

    hi fast eyes!

  • Maxima Strange

    Received your card today. Will send something soon. 

  • Mikel Untzilla

  • Pam Chatfield

    Hello Fast Eyes,

    I received your mail.  Thank you!  I'll be dropping something in the mail for you very soon.

  • Mikel Untzilla

    Thanks Fast Eyes

  • Mikel Untzilla

  • Pam Chatfield

    Thank you, and you are very welcome!  I'm glad you like it.

  • Sarah Roe

    thank you!

    Amazing stamps, I even shared some of the wealth with in person friends to encourage them in their mail arting!

  • Pam Chatfield

    Thank you Fast Eyes.  

  • Amy Irwen

    You are welcome*!*...


  • Lulu Flanagan

    Hello Fast Eyes,

    I didn’t realize someone had sent my work as an A&P. So, I’m not really concerned about where it all ends up. Thank you for the email but I’m at a loss truly how to respond…People have sent me incomplete items to do as I wish, but I never assumed they were A&P because it was never mentioned….I’m new at all of this….still…

  • Lulu Flanagan

    Fast Eyes,

    Now I’m curious about “photo and email as directed”. Very mysterious.

  • Pam Chatfield

    Thank you Fast Eyes.  I've never seen a post card add & pass either. 

  • Amy Irwen

    Hi Fast Eyes! Thank you for the fun rubber stamped art cards.. I shared on FB...

    *!* Amy

  • SueAn Stradling-Collins

    Thank you again for sharing your methods with me.  I will get something sent to you soon.

  • Yooper Hill

    Are you kidding me!  OMG!  So good to run into you!!  I’m still getting used to this site.  Are you still in the same area?

  • Lulu Flanagan

    Yes, i hope you like the mystery that arrived! Ha ha ha. I don’t do a & p’s, so of course I thought perhaps you might be delighted to expand and move on to one of your A&P friends. It was a surprise to receive it myself!

  • Terry Owenby

    Thank you! I look forward to getting it! :-)