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I am involved in mail art because of a mixture of causes.
Primarily I on this way can realise my dream of "freedom in love" participating pragmatically in the world affairs as creative human being by using the special artistic strategy of mail art.
I am a mail artist as mail artists express their cognitions, i.e. their feelings as well as their thoughts, communicating and interacting with each other forming altogether reality as Eternal Network.
I learned that mail artists are trustworthy creative partners and equals in the exemplary worldwide open durable self-organizing discourse of mail art commonly participating in each other and with that in the construction of reality by cognitions and communication.
Thus a holistic peaceful democratic community of a special kind comes into being, a cosmopolitan neighbourhood arises, a peace structure which contributes by a growing efficiency of the interacting spheres of mail art and the other spheres of culture leading to an enrichment of nature and thus altogether to a stabilization of the human technical world order standing at the abyss today.

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Henning Mittendorf
Brieffach 500365
D-60393 Frankfurt am Main

Henning Mittendorf
Reinhardstra├če 13
D-60433 Frankfurt am Main

Email: hemispheres@t-online.de

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