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The mailart is the culmination of several hobbies that I have had for several years, since I have been painting and photographing, I have been collecting all kinds of postcards and objects sent by mail for many years.
I always make my own postcards with paintings, collages and other techniques, all without knowing MailArt, now that I have discovered this world I am much more involved, lately I have been doing work to share and I increasingly like this form of art.
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Paulo Teles
Rua Eng.º Mário Costa n.º22 2.ºEsq
2330-153 Entroncamento

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  • Mikel Untzilla

    Obrigado Paulo Teles

  • Hélène LAGACHE

    Eu vou participar do seu ".MailTrainArt" Eu amo viajar de trem, é muito romanesco trens.... Bom sábado.


  • Monster A GoGo

    Did you ever receive this? Thanks...