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Hobart, Tasmania


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Would like contact with other people. Enjoy sending literary quotes and simple art. I love books and anything to do with books and stationary. I adore animals and especially birds. Anything to do with nature is lovely to receive.
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PS Parks
202 Strickland Avenue
South Hobart, Tasmania 7004 Australia

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  • Ficus strangulensis

    Hi, tpPam.

    I'm all ready to send you mailart as soon as I hear back from you. Also sent an email. Y'r [hoped2B new] ol' Bud, Fike

  • Susan Gnaedinger

    Im going to be out of town for about a month. Send me a friend request the first of march so i dont forget to send u a postcard

  • CUTandTEAR

    Hi tpPam,

    Thanks for the friendship offer! There is something in the mail for you already. Best wishes, Kate

  • marina minou

    Thank you for your email--I so enjoyed reading your journal! I will be making/sending you a postcard this week. Best, Marina

  • Jan Hodgman

    I'll get something off soon or my good intention might fall into the morass of busyness! Looking forward to seeing you in my mail!   Jan

  • Sabela Baña

    Thanks by friend.

  • carl baker


    yr message about mail-art books in tasmania did not appear at the mail-art books page, what happen? i will send u my book. what about the artist cards?

  • Susan Gnaedinger

    I definitely want to exchange mail art. I'm in mexico (warm) until the end of February.  I will send you something the first part of march.

  • Sabela Baña

    Hello My Adress: Sabela Baña

                                 Posse 28-1º E

                                    15009 A Coruña


    I hope you mail art. The best whished.