Magpies, Ravens, and Crows--Oh My!

I'd love to make and trade art featuring corvids (the fancy name for the crow family). I know there are crow lovers out there! Get in touch. CAW!

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  • Mail Art Martha

    Remember I reported that Merlina, the Queen Raven resident in the Tower of London was missing? I am sad to add now that she never came back. 

    But these lovely chicks ravens have been born now...

    Read all about it here and at the bottom of the page you can vote on the choice of name of the female. The male  has been called Edgar in memory of E.A.Poe. I voted for Florence.

  • Heleen de Vaan

    That is sad news and good news, thank you for sharing!

    I wanted to vote for the name ‘Martha’ but the name was not available. I think Branwen a great name (by the way, Winifred or Winfried happens to be a male name here in NL). 
    Your choice for Florence is great, too, but I couldn’t help voting Branwen though :-)

  • Mail Art Martha

    Heleen! I do not know if to be flattered or not by your Martha suggestion. I decided to be flattered! Thank you!