I intend to hold an Exhibition of Vinyl Art in the Spring of 2015. I don't have an exact date, but it will be around about Easter (end March/start April). I don't know exactly when, but I know where -- the Médiathèque in Sigean, France. I haven't written to the Mairie about this yet, but to get permission to use the Médiathèque should be a formality.

The Exhibition will be entitled something like 'Vinyl Art', and be by 'Mark Herman and Friends'. It will comprise about 60 pieces of Vinyl Art -- aproximately half by me, half by my Friends.


This is what you must do:

* send me one or more  pieces of Vinyl Art on 12 inch (33rpm) LP records, and ONLY on 12 inch LP records. This is the one and only size of the 'canvas'.
* you can place your art on the Vinyl (and even hang very small things off it), but 12 inches is the one and only format that will be accepted
* sleeve covers, 7 inch (45 rpms) and 10 inch records will NOT be accepted. Nor, of course, will CDS, DVDs or anything horrible like that.
* the records will be hung vertically. Anything that requires a horizontal or any other sort of display will be rejected
* the usual rules about content apply. I reserve the right to reject anything unsuitable on content, size or other grounds
* but, in principle, ALL 12 inch records sent to me will be included in the Exhibition. If I receive more than 30 pieces of Vinyl Art from you, my Friends, I may have to rotate the works during the Exhibition to ensure that everything is displayed. (If I receive significantly less than 30 pieces, then I'm going to be stuck!)
* no returns
* the receipt of each individual work will be acknowledged and a photo of it posted here by me (or the photo by you, if you prefer). Photos of the Exhibition will be posted later.

Your Vinyl Art should be sent to me at:

1 rue de la Vieille Fontaine,
F-11130 Sigean,


I do hope you will join in!
Vinyl Val

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Count me in...

Merci pour l'invitation. participera



...and if we can't eat pizza?

Well, found a Greek postal envelope today at the post office, paid 1 euro, to create on vinyl 33rpm...12 inch round!

Then cut up the pizza into little bits and feed it to all the cats and kittens.


Katerina has alerted me to the difficulty in finding suitable size envelopes/packages for 12 inch vinyls.

Ont ehting that you might try is a PIZZA BOX.

But do take the pizza out before you send me your Vinyl!

OR, and this depends on what you put on your Vinyl...use the SLEEVE/COVER, and put some wrapping/plain paper over it.



OK I'm just coming out of shock now.  When I first read about this VAL's FORTHCOMING VINYL ART EXHIBITION I was excited.  But then reading all those restrictions just did my head in.  Well, Anarchy does make you panicky!

  So for the past few months I have been looking for the 45rpm vinyl  of the Rolling Stones hit; "You can't always get what you want."  But to my disappointment, I only found the Japanese version.

   For the past few months I saw that Val has been blogging his own vinyls to show everyone.   I then read between the lines of Val's instructions. 

    "That's it", I thought.  Val is making 30 vinyls for his show.  He needs 30 vinyls to be sent to him.   So of course, once the show is over, Val will be sending one of his vinyls to everyone that sent him one.  This is why we should comment when Val shows us what he is making.  My guess is that Val is keeping track, and will send you the one you commented on.  It's logical.  How clever of Val.  I'm so happy I commented on that one with stars on it!

     And even better news is I recently found not one, but two 33rpm vinyls which may just do the trick.  So let's get this show on the road!  This might be your only chance to get a Val vinyl original!

Ingenious, but, alas wrong, Dean.

I don't think that y'all will send me 30 pieces. I have iotten about 5 from you so far, but that number rises to 7 with Dean's. It seems that the postage on a 12" vinyl from the US to France is prohibitive. It's also not cheap from France to non-European countries.

So your 7 might have to do, but worry not because I can probably come up with another 53 -- in fact I might have that number already. (If not I will have when I've worked out my latest idea).

I hadn't really thought what I would do with my Vinyl Art collection after the Exhibition. I'll probably keep it intact for a while, because there is a possibility I can exhibit it in Denmark later next year. My stuff usually gets exhibited in one form or another at least two times, and so I'm extremely reluctant to break up any collection while there is still the possibility to exhibit it.

But if Dean sends me the first of his 2 pieces of Vinyl, then  I'll send it back to him, and then he can send me the other, and then I can send it back to him, and then he can resend me the first piece of Vinyl, and I...

PS Dean -- I have at least 4 with stars on: which one are you (optimistically) staking a claim on?

In Seine is correct, Val,

it is written :-)

You-know-who just went back and checked the "Stars" vinyl art! 

Oh, yes...and there is one with stars* that I put claim on,

just in case you don't know what to do with all that vinyl

after an exhibit or two or three?

*( LOVE is the vinyl "Snowstorm"...FAB!) xxx

Do you mean that Amy has to sell one of her dogs so that she has enough money to send a vinyl for your show and you haven't planned to sell one of your cats to send a vinyl back?  Surely an oversight.  A quote from the Dharmadada himself; "If you send, they will come."  followed by; "If you send and blog, they will really come."

   Yes, I'm with Kats on Snowstorm, it's a hit.  And since she said it first, I'll let her have that one.  I don't remember which one Amy was sweat on, but I'll fight with anyone over Star Struck.

Personally, I think it is your best one after Snowstorm.



For Dean, Katerina & whoever else is following this....

I'm trying to put an exhibition together.

Each piece of vinyl can take me several hours to do (unlike dashing off a collage postcard, or six).

I'm not giving away the exhibition works... yet.... if at all.

Please make any claims you have on my (or anyone else's exhibits) AFTER the first exhibition (for which I don't even have a date fixed).

Now, is most certainly not the time

But instead of focussing on what I can send you, why not turn it round and think about what you (if you haven't done so altready) can send me for the exhibition?

Thank you.

Good night

Val, have not's a process *!*




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