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All the NEws that FiTS the PRINT

From Lars Movin's Movin Movie ::

" Connections: Ray Johnson On-Line "
00:41:00 2001 how statistically short
for a short film do the math _______

A portrait of the American artist Ray Johnson (1927-95), driving force behind the New York CorresponDANCE School of the early 1900s. Ray Johnson was mainly known for his numerous mail art projects, involving artistic strategies like networks and collaboration. Key terms in his mail art activities were ADD TO AND RETURN, or SEND TO, Detach and Look Away...inviting recipients to contribute to his work.

Besides mail art, Ray Johnson worked on collages, assemblages, and performance throughout his life. In the 1940s he attended Black Mountain College in North Carolina, and in 1948 he moved to New York where he joined the American Abstract Artists group in the early 50s. Later in the same decade he was associated with the first generation of Chop Artists. When he sprang from a bridge in Sag Harbor, Long Island, in 1995, his dry humor was considered to be something of a mystery.

The film is based on personal interpretations of Ray Johnson's artistic strategies, using the telephone and the Internet as primary sources for sound and image. The film includes statements from William Anastasi, Mark S. Bloch, Dot Capuano, Christo and Jeanne-Claude, John Giorno, Coco Gordon, Helen Harrison, Jon Hendricks, Les Levine, Kalie Seiden, Lawrence Weiner, and John Willenbecher.
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The information you have requested was not found or is not available.

How many Errors did Ray Johnson shoot into the air ?

Find VDB first and then click under Title Index for C O N N E C T I O N S
Makes you wonder if Ray already knew this would happen...
The word CONNECTIONS Can lead to SOOOOOO many different Nether Regions.
This is not an error.
This is TOO an ERROR.
Everyone is an ERROR.
and I am CERTAIN of THAT
although I may be Missed OOk
Maybe you ate too much of those ZERO hamburgers?
That would be ZERO Big Macreme Burgers
maybe oui ask Ruff Cote
Bonn apetite - ask for desert
How do you see the whole film?
Most of the film is posted in tids and bits
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move away from the computer and back
out of the room. YOU can clique on
RAIN RIEN Videos....otherwise you
could BUY it... or have someONE
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