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  • "Enjoy Your Problems" - Mr. Cutty Spot, 2014
  • "Energy Artifact" - M. McCurnin, circa 2007
  • Duck/Rabbit - 23 October 1892 issue of Fliegende Blätter, a German humour magazine.
  • Chessboard diagram - Chess Pad software

The other designs, including word art, are either public domain or Brown Mega creations.

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The Chess piece. So beautiful. I'm not into Chess and I find it one of the most wonderful images of the world of games.

Thanks. I research chess and chess art from time to time.

Some requests:

1. “very pwohl” for J.G. Who knows what it really means.

2. postage stamp sized-selfie for Sparkle Brown, my cousin in Australia.

3. Sorry Sparkles, but John Waters didn’t quite make it to the party. This can happen during the resize process.

4. 5089, the Post Mail Art Movement and Fe-Mail-Art, for Moan Lisa, world famoose mail artist.

Borrowed without permission:

1. Alex Norelli’s little face and FUTURE, NOFUTURE, and big hovering 3D question mark. The concept came from a mail art postcard he sent, and it was one of the best one’s I’ve gotten so far, so I had to see how it would look digitized and rubberized.

2. Silhouettes of Germany and New Jersey from somewhere on Google.

3. The guy with the hemispheric glasses by The Stickerdude. Came out great. He’s gonna like it.

Borrowed with permission (for personal use):

1. Artur Laperla’s Melvin, seen here with two different Shoo-Bops.

Note: I will probably mail these to the artist, if they want them. Sometimes the artists don’t show a lot of interest. 

From the lexicon:

1. Zilroy was here is borrowed from the classic Kilroy was here, but this comes from urinal stalls on Zerth, where some, but not all words start with a Z.

2. SNAFU, FUBAR, witzelsucht

3. Tis better to have (Brown Mega) and not want it, than to want it and not have it. This is a quote from somewhere, and I applied a little word algebra.

This could change everything or nothing at all. Our symbological art bureaucracy is just that much more beautiful thanks to the addition of watercolors.




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