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The London Institute of Pataphysics

also of interest>

 i have a copy of this somewhere in a box.

The 'Pataphysical Museum and Archive resides in a converted room in a spacious north London house. Swimming in portraits, drawings and paraphernalia it is, at first glance, a tribute to the French playwright Alfred Jarry, a precursor to the theatre of the absurd, dadaism and surrealism whose best-known play, Ubu the King, is currently being revived at the Barbican. The archive, however, celebrates another aspect of Jarry's legacy - his invention of an esoteric philosophy that defies rational belief.


Onder auspiciën van OAO, Ons Aller Oppergemaal
Esonstad, 8 Palotin 132 EP
Herzien 1 Absolu 136 EP
Tvan Slobex R./OCS

De Nederlandse Academie voor 'Patafysica (NAP)

De Nederlandse Academie voor 'Patafysica (NAP), ook wel Bâtafysica genaamd, legt zich toe op het verspreiden en verzamelen van denkbeeldige oplossingen in 'Patavia (vulgair: De Nederlanden). Verslagen van de wetenschappelijke excursies worden gepubliceerd in De Centrifuge, het officiële orgaan van de NAP.

De 'Patafysica is in de eerste plaats een wetenschap, volgens Alfred Jarry dé wetenschap. De officiële Triangulatie van de NAP luidt kortweg:
1. De 'Patafysica is de wetenschap van denkbeeldige oplossingen.

2. De 'Patafysica is de wetenschap die zoekt naar de wetmatigheid van de uitzondering, met bijzondere belangstelling voor het epifenomeen en de afwijking.
3. De 'Patafysica is de wetenschap die al doende het universum exploreert dat parallel loopt met de officieel erkende wereld.'Pataphysics

'Pataphysics (French: 'pataphysique) is an absurdist, pseudo-scientific literary trope invented by French writer Alfred Jarry (1873–1907), that enigmatically resists being pinned down by a simple definition.[1] One attempt at a definition might be to say that ‘pataphysics is a branch of philosophy or science that examines imaginary phenomena that exist in a world beyond metaphysics; it is the science of imaginary solutions.[2] It is a concept expressed by Jarry in a mock-scientific manner with undertones of spoofing and quackery, in his fictional book Exploits & Opinions of Doctor Faustroll, Pataphysician, in which Jarry riddles and toys with conventional concepts and interpretations of reality.[3] Another attempt at a definition interprets ‘pataphysics as an idea that “the virtual or imaginary nature of things as glimpsed by the heightened vision of poetry or science or love can be seized and lived as real.”[4] Jarry defines 'pataphysics in a number of statements and examples, including that it is "the science of imaginary solutions, which symbolically attributes the properties of objects, described by their virtuality, to their lineaments".[5]

A practitioner of 'pataphysics is a pataphysician or a pataphysicist.


History of the Pataphysical Calendar
[king ubu.]
The Pataphysical Calendar begins as a French student joke first perpetrated by Alfred Jarry (1873-1907), author of the infamous Ubu-Roi (King Ooboo), a mad drama whose first word Merdre! (Pschitt!) started a 15 minute riot at its opening in 1896. (Everybody who was anybody in literature was in the audience, even William Butler Yeats, who was clueless.) Jarry (zha-REE) went on to invent the imaginary discipline of 'Pataphysics (from an imaginary Greek word Hypataphysics, higher than physics, in analogy to Metaphysics). The joke has been perpetrated by generations of French students and intellectuals, most of whom write like Jacques Derrida only worse. Jarry went on to invent the Pataphysical Calendar. He died young, of tuberculous meningitis. The best account of him in English is in Roger Shattuck's The Banquet Years: The Origins of the Avant Garde in France, 1885 to World War I. New York: Vintage, 1968 (still in print in 2004).

[alfred jarry.] I was first introduced to Jarry, Pataphysics, and the Pataphysical calendar by Jacques Elis, a graduate student at Harvard who tutored me in French in 1957 so I could pass the undergraduate language requirement (which I actually did). I asked him about an odd calendar on his desk, and he initiated me into the cult, so to speak. (In 2004 he is an attorney in private practice in Paris.)

The June 2000 number of Magazine littéraire featured a series of articles "La Pataphysique: histoire d'une société très secrète" with an explanation of the calendar. Since there seemed to be no satisfactory explanation of the Pataphysical Calendar on the Web, I decided to write one.

I hasten to add that I don't read French very well, much less the obscure humor of the pataphysical tradition. I've tried to avoid that sort of writing here. You may write to me in French, but I'll reply in English.

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