Do you have a mail-art archive? If so, how is it organised and how 'large' is it?

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My current mail art archive at present fills a shopping bag. This is from spring of 2015 to present. Previous mail art I have stored in a fruit box from the grocery store. I have many more shopping bags I can fill. So I'm not worried. There's no organization as of yet. I'd like to alphabetize it according to mail artist. Some day. Then I would put them in a file cabinet. But for now I use shopping bags.

if I had the chance to have a big house ... I would have a room like this

We have a coal shed filled with dozens of plastic boxes of mail art and book art etc.  It's about 8 feet high by 8 feet square , so what's that - 64 cubic feet?   Filled mostly with boxes of mail and some records, tools and gardening equipment.  Hardly the best organised in the world.  Also some in the wardrobe and one box being filled up in my workroom.  Maybe some in the loft too?   I keep meaning to sort it into some sort of order but the task seems too alarming. !

sounds like a surprise is coming soon.....

an archive of slides........

yes indeed. Gave some lectures with slides in the years the beamers were not there yet.........

boxes filled with rubberstamps from the TAM-Archive.....

how the TAM-archive started in Tilburg in 1985 or so.....

hundreds of books on mail-art now in the TAM Archive.....

Ruud is so organized! I have about 15 boxes (only) and already many mail artists have their own file,

or a few "collections" have albums.

Then there are those that need the whole box,(like InSeine)

or several huge boxes! (like the Haptic Werewolf)

I live in the area do not know people who do mail art.seria very useful to me watching a video to show how it binds cards or showing how a handmade album with mail art.

could be video pictures .... if you can post or indicate links that have that stuff ... I will be eternally grateful.

from Brazil




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