EGG - Gallery of Colors Thessaloniki

25 Years of IUOMA Mail Art Exhibit+-
2 May, 2013, International Day of Colors, 2011, 2012, 2013

Theme: FREE with EGG shape
Size: 10 x 15 cm (postcard) until A4 (21 x 29 cm)
Technique: FREE only original art, no digital copies
No Jury - No return - Family Friendly, No offensive material

Deadline: April 23, 2013

Send to:
Afrodite Karamanli
48 Gambetta
54642 Thessaloniki GREECE
"EGG" - Thessaloniki Gallery of Colors
Greek Orthodox Easter will be May 5, 2013, and so the International Day of Color , May 2, 2013.
will be Thursday of Holy Week, the day we dye the eggs red and other colors.
For this mail art call we ask that you incorporate the shape of the EGG within the free theme of your work.
The EGG also is symbolic against the Egg-of-the-Snake of Fascism and Racism which is in the Economic Crisis
of Europe and elsewhere in the world.
Also suggested themes include:
"Internet - Human Relations against Alienation"
"Word and Deed for Change"
On May 2, 2013, Gallery of Colour Event:
Those in Thessaloniki are invited to bring their art supplies and participate in a "painting-the-wall" happening
at The Gallery of Colors, Aliakmonos 1 and Pipsou street in the WoodShops district ( Xiladika) near
the International Railroad Station in Thessaloniki, Greece
There will be cultural events in cooperation with the 2nd District of the City of Thessaloniki
and other community organizations.
August 16 - 26, 2013: Exhibit in honor of the 25 Years of IUOMA Mail Art:
Art work arriving by April 23, 2013 will be exhibited at the Aitoliko - Mesolonggi Gallery"
"ergogallery" of Grigoris. and Michalis Kotsaris
There will be events taking place with cutural organizations of Aitoliko and a Seminar Day
with the writings of Dionisios of Fourna, concerning the colors used by Emmanuel Panselinos
and the icon painting of the Macedonia School of the Byzantine Era.
Also on August 16 there will be an exhibit of the prints of Vaso Katrak at the Museum of V.Katraki.
All the art work of this Triennale will also be exhibited in the Fall, 2013, at the Gallery of Colors in Thessaloniki,
and there will be organized events and guided tours for schools and the general public.


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Thank you, Val, for the good wishes.

EGG opening was a great success, thanks to all the contributions from mail artists!

See more photos here at the blog:

EGG Gallery of Colors Thessaloniki, Greece

EGG-Gallery of Colors traveled to Aitoliko, Greece on August 16,

for 25 Years of Mail Art Exhibit:

opening reception with Michalis Kotsaris and Afroditi Karamanli (center):

More photos from the exhibit for 25 Years Mail Art at Aitoliko, Greece...

honoring IUOMA on August 16, 2013:

Afroditi Karamanli "shooting" at the Aitoliko 25-Years-of-Mail-Art exhibit:

and mail art on-the-table:



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