“L'Art de la Carte Postale”/“Post Card Art”

I invite you to take part in two Mail Art Exhibitions on the theme “L'Art de la Carte Postale” or “Post Card Art” (it sounds better in French!) that I will be organising in Sigean, France, in the Spring and Summer of 2013. Details of the Exhibitions are below.

The Exhibitions will be linked to IUOMA's 25the anniversary celebrations (THE Day is 16 August, 2013)

Please send as many cartes postale/post cards as you like – the more the merrier!

Photos of the Exhibitions will be posted here later.

Theme: L'Art de la Carte Postale/Post Card Art

Size: Postcard (10.5 x 15 or up to 15 x 21 cms/ 4 x6 or up to 6 x 81/4 ins)

Technique: Free! Anything goes – drawing, painting, collage, it's up to you.

Exhibitions: i) Médiathèque, Sigean, 12 – 27 April, 2013

  1. Médiathèque, Sigean, 6 -17 August, 2013

Deadlines: i) 10 April, 2013

  1. 3 August, 2013

No jury, no fees, no prizes, no returns

Please send your cartes postale/post cards (marked 'Exhibitions', and with your name and address on them) to:

                Valentine Mark Herman

                 1 Rue de la Vieille Fontaine,

                 F-11130 Sigean,


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I've just send my postcard for your exhibition.

Please let me know when you get it.


Mizael C.

Thank you, Val! And there is no limit to how many postcards we can send you?

Lots and lots! 'will do :-)

Here are:

* your Official Invitation to the Exhibition

* the Exhibition Poster.

See you in Sigean in April.

And, in the meantime, don't forget to send me some Post Cards.

Thank you/Merci beaucoup!

I have sent another your way....Viva la France *!*


I have posted mots of photos of the first of the two Post Card Art Exhibitions (see 'My Photos') that opened last Friday. There were more than 575 cards on the opening evening -- a fantastic selection. There are now almost 650 cards there.

Dare I hope that by the time the second exhibition ends in mid-August there will be 1000 Post Cards?


And, please, send some more Post Cards -- ANYTHING GOES, EVERYTHING WELCOME.


The first of the two parts of the Exhibition ended today.

When it closed there were more than 670 postcards in it.Wow!

Thank you very much/merci beaucoup to everyone who sent me postcards.

(If I haven't thanked you personally, it's because I've received over 670 postcards, and, quite frankly, have been overwhelmed by the response)
Pictures of the Exhibition are in My Photos.

Do, please, keep on sending them.

There will be a continuation of the Exhibition in August  (6--17/08/2013)

It might be very ambitious -- if not a little greedy -- but I'd like to have 1000 postcards oin that one.

Special offer: if you send me 20 cards or more, you get your very own display panel!

Oho! 20 postcards or more will be on there way to you, Val, for the August exhibit.

Hope you get 1000!!! Best of success! 

Thank you, MomKat ...times 20!

Thanks Bruno!

(That man has even less hair than me)




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