Most Exhibitions that I have come across have a 'no return' policy.

I wonder what happens to all the Mail Art at the end of an Exhibition?

Something must happen to it.

Does it get thrown away?

Does the 'curator' get to,keep it?

What happens to it?



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The curator gets to keep it.


Most people don't throw it away.


Some people do throw it away eventually - and some even sell it, though that is usually not something that is appreciated by most mail artists.  


Some mail art is recycled and sent out to other mail artists with or without additions/changes/transformations.


As with all other aspects of mail art, there are many answers to every question. ;)


La mayoría de las veces se queda en propiedad de la  institución que la hace, ya sea ayuntamiento cultura o galerías, así es mi caso .

salud Lamadrid

Hello Val,

This is a good question. I just noticed it.

In the case of the Tea mail art call, those pieces were put on permanent display in the tea shop. They're still there.

With Skull Appreciation Day, the 2011 and 2012 are in the Skull-a-day physical archives (storage) The 2013 pieces will remain in Chicago with the curator. These are the ones that I know of personally.

Thanks Mim!

I've 'dumped' (though that's not the right word) the various envelopes and post cards I've got recent exhibitions here with my co-organiser. She doesn't want to keep them forever, and asked me what she should do with them? "Give them to the Mairie", I said, "We (sort of) organised the exhibitions for them."

I'm sure Sigean Mairie will be absolutely delighted to get this stuff one day.

The Telephone Box cards are being kept by the TB owners -- but they will lend them to me for my forthcoming L'Art de la Carte Postale Exposition.

By the time that exhibition ends, I'll have gathered something like 2000 bits of Mail Art -- there ain't a tea shop in town big enough to permanently display them.

There ain't a tea shop in town, full stop!





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