There are already 5 books published about the IUOMA. In the new publication I need some serious texts that explain the current status of the Mail-Art network. If you are interested in writing about a specific subject or topic, let me know, and I will see if it fits in.  Texts can vary from 2 to 10 pages. Text: English.

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Suggestions for authors for the new book are welcome too.

Already many reactions from writers for the new publication. The deadline for submissions in November 1st 2011. Besides a text / article I also need a short Bio of the author which will be included in the book.


Subjects I am looking for / Authors searched who can write about this:


1. Which way is Mail-Art heading?

2. What is the position of IUOMA in the Mail-Art network?

3. The unwritten rules in Mail-Art

4. The global history of Mail-Art

5. Mail-Art and Art (taken)

6. Digital communication and Mail-Art (taken)

7. Article about a project run on the IUOMA @ NING platform (one is ready)

8. The connection of Mail-Art with Fluxus and DaDa (taken)

9. The enonomy of a Gift (taken)

10. Empowering women and other underrepresented communities through mail art (taken)


(more to follow)


Just a rough idea of directions the book will be heading in.

If you have any suggestions of topics that should be included, just let me know.

If you want to be an author or you want to suggest an author: please contact me at

Ruud would you be interested in specific projects -  the process and results of collaborative art practice using specific topics? A more reflective type writing?
The results of a projects that was run on NING / IUOMA would also be a good article. I've been thinking of some projects (like yours) that would fit in perfectly.
Ok - there are two types too I suppose - the collaboration organized by the individual - for example (talking about what I have tackled) The World is a Town project and then the type that is much more structured, closed and the processes of which are continually documented in a group. An interesting topic.  Ok - will think hard about this, and let you know this weekend.  You would want the article to preview of course?
yes, a preview. Would love to see what you would come up with.
Looking for authors? I would do something for this.
Would welcome a good article. What subject?
I get to choose? Usually someone tells me. Let me think and see who else comes on board. Wonderful opportunity. Thank you.
It is an IUOMA book. So the text has to fit in. I have several suggestions that are now open. When someone takes a theme, I will start to develop the structure of the book. I a special discussion the content will be formed and eventually the new authors have to fit in with themes and articles. Not the usual book, but a joined effort. When you choose a title and global content, please inform me to see if it fits.
Published the request on Facebook to. When more details are available, I will make a special place for them so everybody can see the development.
So far already 9 authors are in the picture.




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