It has a distinctly experimental work from the beginning until today.

In 1973 he began to participate in the International Mail Art Movement and since then, in addition to being in contact with international Fluxus artists he has taken part in numerous mail art exhibitions around the world.

It is a pioneer in Brazil in the art photocopy and post. Makes films, videos and several books by the artist, in addition to organizing several exhibitions of artists involved with this type of work, the 1st International Exhibition of Mail Art in Recife in 1975 and "Artedoors," the first international exhibition of art on billboards in that city in 1981. In 1976 he organized, together with Daniel Santiago, the 2nd International Mail Art Exhibition, which is closed by the Brazilian military. This type of harassment and censorship exists throughout Latin America until 1980, when the mail art to strengthen back, winning in 1981 a special room at the 16th International Biennial of Sao Paulo, in which Paul Bruscky is one of the exhibitors. This year, receives award from the Guggenheim Foundation, and starts to develop his research in New York and Amsterdam. The artist has an important collection of artists' books, videos, mailings and movies, and of his works that have never been exposed. Stayed in the Panorama of Brazilian Art, MAM-SP, 2001 and 2005 in the 26th São Paulo Biennial, 2004


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Paulo Brusck's picture and I

Yes, I certainly heard about him but never communicated. If You have any questions - ask here Clemente Padin.
I met Paulo in Amsterdam during my World Tour in 81 or in 82. I had done some billboard art in San Francisco and mutual friends thought we should meet. I heard from him thru the mail for a while afterwards. I think I have some photos of him back in the 80s - will look sometime this month - since I was working on a photo book around that time.

Glad to read the news of his successes.
Yes, was in contact with him years ago (80-ies and 90-ies), but not heard of this the last decade.....Sorry.
His name is Paulo Bruscky
Glad to know you have heard of Paulo Brusck because it was important for the mail art in Brazil. Knowing he was wonderful!
Like to see photos of the season when they had contact with Paul Brusck.

Conhço o Paulo há muito tempo, por volta de 1982, ele esteve em minha casa conversando muitas horas e tomamos todos liquidos alcoólicos, só faltou os pós barba...

Encontrei com ele em 2008 em duas ocasiões, fotos abaixo...

em Rio Claro - SP : Gastão Magalhães, Hugo Pontes, Clemente Padin, José Roberto Sechi, o Secretário de Cultura de Rio Claro, outras pessoas e por fim Paulo

e no Museu de Arte Contemporânea da USP

Grande amigo, maior artista




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