.Formerly arac'n'kram who "were looking after this site while Vizma has gone walkabout. We look forward to when Viz re-emerges in NY & meets arac. Until then let's keep the show on the road, folksl"

She's back. And so is the Viz'n'Val roadshow.

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Did you get my Police Chief message????????

No-one at all has responded, which makes me think that it wasn't sent.

Help! le Fuz

Hola val,

So, when are we going to this Porsche day that we've been invited to? You neglected to mention the date...as usual. Just like when you didn't tell me about the arty slide meeting with free travel on jets. Typical. And now this Paris thing. Hmph.

Aaaaaaaaaaaanyway, I sent your #4 envelope today and now I can't afford to participate in your slidee thing. Or send you any more gifts. Or pay for internet, which runs out in one minute or so. At least I have my pretty car back, but am sunburnt again. :-((

Well, you have 5 cars but not one of them is a Porsche, alas, so we might have to reconsider things, alas. I'll send you details in number 5.

You could drive one of the five to Paris, perhaps?

Save your money till he end of the month and then you can participate in the Arty Slide Exchange.

Some weeks I spend more money on stamps than on food (but not on drink, natch).

Ho's the hamstring? Val asks

If only I could hold my breath long enough to drive along the ocean floor to Paris. Not to worry.

I'm just back from the travel agent after donating $8000 to her retirement fund. I think I'll be using fake stamps for the slidey art thingo. :-(

I leave at the end of May and will be gone for 3 months...hope we can catch up! Can we take Oranje to Barcelona for tapas and sangria? I really must see Antoni's works. And then we can drive to visit Kat, yes?

Hammy is a bit tender, couldn't drive a manual yesterday, clutch too painful. Sunburn machine only for a few days!

What shall I call the Exa? I'm calling her The Axe for now, a la Arac's backward speak. But she may need a fruity French nom de PLUM!!! ha ha!

ps. Happy Saint Val's Day. Best wishes, from Anonymous. XXX

Dear Annon,

Thanks for the kisses -- 3 of them. At last you are sharing your love for Vic Harbour with me. I'm so happy!

Where are you going for 3 months? Who is going to llok after Pinka? Do you travel around with a computer/pad thingy? What is going to happen to your Mail Art?  Will you substitute the VizSiz for the VizBiz in this dialogue? And lots more questions but I can't think of any.

Nor can i think of a name for your car at the moment -- what colour is it?

If you have another spare $8000 or even $800 or perhaps $80 or maybe $8 or $0.08 would do at a pinch I could help you spend it .

I have to go now because the Chief of Police is marshalling his forces to keep the mob from my door. It's a hard life being a Valentine.


Finally found my way back here but I see no car pics. For a name we need a face. I'm
off to sleep....hopefully. Sometimes my brain won't stop and sleep seems far from attainable
but I'll come back tomorrow and I wanna see Val in tights or Vizma's cute car pics...your
choice :)

My choice is Vizma wearing Val's tights in her car; The sight of that will probably give you nighmares; Sleep well!

Here she is Arac and Val! At the beach today having a Zombie Kitty adventure!

I said I'd post it tonight, but Arac thought tonight meant this morning for me, but I hadn't even spoken to her then here, and now Val's day is over, and only Val is awake, and Arac has just gone to bed, and, oh why don't you all just move to Australia?

And exactly why would me in tights make Arac have nightmares??? My pins are ok!

Thanks for the piccy, VizVoz! How do we know that your pins are OK? The last I heard about them one had turned to ham and the other to string. Y'all might have gone to bed, but some if us can't sleep..;for thinking about Fast Oz ladies in fast cars? Naaah!


So Val, have you recovered from the hordes of women (and possibly men) breaking down your door to be your Valentine? Who/how many did you pick? And how many cards? I wanna see!

 I guess with all the frivolity and rioting you haven't had a chance to name my car. Arac came up with a nice one- Coco ciel. I think I'd make it Spanish- Coco Cielo. Aaaah. How dreamy.

I don't know what will happen to my mail art while I'm away..can't I put an IUOMA message blocker? I don't want to have 8,994,231 emails when I get back. I certainly won't be taking a computer with me.

 In August I'll be based in Latvia, so may have time to fly down to see you! First is Mexico City for 2 weeks, then Tobago  few weeks, then US one week and then Europe. Travelling with my mum, then we'll split in Lat.  Staying with my brother, mum with her mates.

 I want to go to the cheesy Roquefort and guts out!

Gotta go learn the TT National Anthem now, or maybe have a sparkling shiraz.

Cheers. VizVoz


Sorry for the delay in replying, but I've only just been released from the Cardiac centre -- 'Too many women, too much Bunga Bunga', I was told. 'Well, it was my day', I said. 'Yes', they replied, 'But if you don'tv take it easier, that might be your last one.'

Well it was fun.

Ask Ruud if you can put on a message blocker (is that like a sun tanscreen?). It must be possible. If it isn't, then just ask Ruud to divert them to Niklas, and that will keep him busy.

Your trip sounds great -- where in the US are you goihg, and WHY are you going to Tobago?

If you cant come here, then I suppose you'll send your Mum, but warn her first that i don't speak Latvian, or Lithuanian, and I'm not a Lutherian, etc. David told me all about your Sis (I think he fancied her -- it was the bacon scraps that won him over), but not about your Mum.

Be warned -- the Rocquefort near me is NOT the cheesey one, but it does produce some very good red wine. We could get the wine from that Rocquefort and some cheese from the other one, and then party on.

I'll try and think up a name for your car -- is it a male or a female car? Or just an it?

What's the TT National Anthem all about? Time Trial?

Hola, Val

Good morning, Sheila!

I've been worrying about how you can continue your mail art discussions when you are away for 3 months, and have come up with the idea that you should ask your IUOMA Friends to take over for you.

I see that you have 74 Friends (that's not many -- check out that Pretty Possum Perfume that you use). You'll be away for 90 days. You should allocate each of these days to a Friend, so that Elvis gets, say, June 1, Romney gets June 2, Queen Liz gets June 3 etc (substitute names like Katerina, Erni and Dean for these).

You'll be minus 16 names, so you could, i) make 16 more Friends before you go, Possum, or  ii) cover those dates yourself depending on the Latvian/Tobaggoan networks,or  iii) give them all to Niklas (tee hee!).

It's simple really. As am I.

Mick of Simply Red and Val




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