.Formerly arac'n'kram who "were looking after this site while Vizma has gone walkabout. We look forward to when Viz re-emerges in NY & meets arac. Until then let's keep the show on the road, folksl"

She's back. And so is the Viz'n'Val roadshow.

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Gees Valentino! How does one start a loony conversation when one is put on the spot like this??? Couldn't you glue on your pasties and start off with a little choreographed quickstep to get things started?

This is quite a frightening end to the day, what with Bear asking me to bear/bare myself and send modelling poses for a rubber stamp portrait, (my mum has always said get paid in cash first dear girl, before you do anything like that) and now you're making me start a conversation with myself ?

Thank goodness I have occasional schizophrenic tendencies and I've discussed it with myself and we refuse to be a part of this nonsense.

The Vizmas Bruns.

You two are quite funny.  Shall you never meet, for give us a warning before hand!

You're never alone with schizophenia, Viz.

You have to watch out for the Bear. He put me up to the leopard skin hat/tights photo, and now he has targetted you.

Instead of mpdelling poses, you could send him modelling pieces --a used tea bag or a bottle top would make a good start, methinks.

I am not very good with numbers, and never made it to the quickstep when I went to dancing classes. In fact my Fred Astaire to be routine stoped at the waltz. The instructuress told me to count, 'One, two, three; One, two, three. etc' But because of my numerical illiteracy (?) the best I could do was, 'One, two, er four? One, five, er what comes next... three hundred and eighteen?' And so on and so forth. Or fifth.

Best wishes to all three of you.

And Pinka, too. or three.


I see I have become part of the perfect website to be part of
I see I have become part of a family of freaks I thi nk I'm in love

Love the V'sand hope one day I'll be freaky enough to join this Family of Freaks too....no worries, I'm working on my freakcred right now and will apply for full admission when my freak flag has reached the top, up until now I've just been waving it low and kinda outta sight to keep up appearances for the neighborhood.  Painting a house with a sign on it that says "I love nuts" and hanging in the tree in my front yard for my pal Macadamia(Mac, a rescued squirrel baby) was bad enough but when I trapsed out in my fuzzy pj's every morninging yelling "Macadoo, Macadoo where are you?" so I could give him his apple and visit before work my neighbors were convinced I had lost it.  Why try to hide it anymore...from this day forth I will fly my Freak Flag with great enthusiasm and know that there is a family of freaks out there that loves me anyway...especially the freaky parts  ;)

Welcome to the Family of Freaks.

We do love yoy.


I wonder what it is about you gals that makes you want to tell us about your PJs -- Vizma did in another dialogue I had with her -- but without showing us pictures of you wearing them. Now come on, Arac & Vizma, show us yours', and i'm sure that the Bear will show you his (after all he is in love: with...?). Show us your freaky parts, Arac, and I'm sure that..... CENSORED!!!

Not fair, everyone always falls in love with Val! You wait, Bear will be asking you to pose in your lycra body stocking if you persist in telling everyone about your sportswear.

I have a hint for you Val from McCartney's ex about the dancing and counting, just use one leg. No more mix-ups. Easy.

Arac, I love your story about Mac! Very kind of you to name him after an Aussie nut. (yeah yeah, hold your tongues there.) Maybe we should be the Mixed Nuts! Do you have a pic of your I love nuts sign? Hilarious.

Do you thnk Bear will design us a Nutty Flag rubber stamp???

Who does Val love? Is yoy his name for Bear???

I have a couple of, well, rather fetching lycra triathlon outfits, but have no intention of posing in them for you wackies until I've seen your PJ pics.

Thanks for the dancing & counting tip. Now how does it go? 'One. One. One. One.' I think I can manage that.

Viz & Arac can be the Mixed Nuts. Bear & Val could bring some Fruit to the party.

I'm not going to tell you whom I love, until we get to episode 42.

My ca won't start: electrical fault or something & Artic conditions. Hows your new limo, Vizma? 

Val, bring the fetching lycra triathlon outfits to Paris, and we'll get Katheria to try them on.  Do they need 9 volt batteries?

No, but I do. So does Oranje. Called you a minute ago, but no reply. Will try again, or praps you can call me on 04 68 45 26 55

I'll get changed before you call..

Yeah, got the new limo yesterday, filled it with petrol and have been fanging it like a teeny bopper on P plates non stop.

Anyone: "Gee, I need something from the shop."

Me: "I'll go for you!!!"

This hasn't happened since I was 16!! As long as the sun's out, I'm driving. Lovin' the Exa!! (Have a very sunburnt face too, so I'll look 60 before I reach 43, but who cares?)

Val, I'm going to the travel agent tomorrow to get my flights organised..if I don't hear from you before then, I'll be coming to Sigean for 8 months, give or take 6 months, so please stock up on the bubbly stuff from your Champagne making friends for that duration. Maybe get some more if Arac and Bear pop by.

I'll bring a glass.





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