.Formerly arac'n'kram who "were looking after this site while Vizma has gone walkabout. We look forward to when Viz re-emerges in NY & meets arac. Until then let's keep the show on the road, folksl"

She's back. And so is the Viz'n'Val roadshow.

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Oh yes, please come on down to enjoy the boilingness. Marie will be here too next month. Then Arac, so ya better book your kennel, er, shearing shed, or oh I mean room.

Goody, how does Waitpinga feature in the art? Did you do a portrait of me? Please send that to me after nobody has bought it!! Good luck with the other dotty art!!

I can't believe there's snow anywhere in the world, we have scary fires and weeks and weeks of plus 40. I'm over it, wouldn't mind sticking my head in some snow, as long as it's white, not yellow.

Bonjour! It may take a couple of days before I get to Australia. Do you think that we will be able to enter for the Mixed Doubles in the Oz Open? I can be Mixed (up) and if you drink enough then you can see Double. Or Triple, even.

I'll share a room/shed with any other Visiting Mail Artist: don't worry about clean sheets or towels, as I'll steal my own.

Here's a picture of my Waitapinga Road canvas. I'm sure that it doesn't need any explanation. I would have painted a picture of you, but the only depictions of females I have found in Aboriginal Art are nowhere near as beautiful as you (even though you are plus 40: or was that the temperature?) so I decided to represent you and no 574 by a series of doted circles.

If you have enough Doubles or Triples and stare at the dots long enough then you might see yourslef there.

Yours, dottily. Val

Great idea about the tennis, Val! Mixed up Doubles or Triples sounds like my kinda sport!

Nice map of Waitpinga Rd, I'll make a copy so we can find our way home after drinking all the Champagne from our winners' trophy!

collaborative effort by Dean and Marie! Oh those two and their tomfoolery!!!!

Why is DVS commenting on your bum, Vizzzy Vozzy?

This is (choose one): i) bizarre, ii) maing me jeaalous, iii) unhealthy behaviour on his part, iv) making me feel I have missed out on something, Mail Art-wise, v) he's seen us playing Mixed Doubles at the Oz Open, vi) other (please sober up, and specify: OK, just specify)

Hey, I wasn't alerted on this one....

What the? I could have sworn I put on undies the day we played at the Oz Open!!???  Thanks a lot for not telling me, pal! It must've been televised and DVS must've seen it, that's all I can come up with about the comment...

 Lookin' good, Val.

Like Superman, Lois, I ut my undies on over my tights.

I put them on my bum. Usually...

Hi Viz! You might have seen some of the Aboriginal-type masterpieces (sic) I have been producing recently. Well, to produce more authentic -- and what could be more authentic than an English bloke in the South of France trying to produce native Oz paintings -- I need more traditional material. I can find stones, soils and things locally to make ochre and brushes, but for one important 'ingredient' I'm stumped, and wonder if you can help me, please? I need some Kangaroo Blood. About a couple of litres will be fine to be going on with. Thank you. Val

Can't help you there, you see they took my gun away. And they run/hop too fast to catch them. I think you might get in trouble if you use the real thing anyway, you might get a curse put on you. You could just prick your finger and use that?

Oh dear! I'm not using my blood, as I'm a coward, and there isn't enough in my finger to prick. I'll have to use another Australian liquid favourite: ice cold lager. I better drink a few before I start applying it to a canvas.

Here's another painting, but I had to use the blood of a newt, the hairs of a witch and the toe nails of a Kiwi (she objected) to mix the background colours

I can tell you didn't do that Val!!!!! Fool me once, good for you, fool me twice, yes, bad, not good...um, what do you mean, drink a few before you start applying it to canvas? Wee art? Make sure you show the results...




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