I hope this will be a very brief discussion. Starting a few days ago, nothing happens when I click on a "favorites" link in a blog post. Is this a sudden global glitch on the site that will be fixed? It's not working for me using either of my two browsers (Firefox 8 and Safari). Thanks.

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Thank you, Lisa, it's good to know it isn't just my computer or something. Maybe Ruud will notice this and figure it out. A group/faq on the features of the site--there'd be no end and, yes, it could be very interesting. I'm not sure I know the half of it.

The Favorited just results in a thumds up, and your name is added to the list of who favorited the item. If you click on the list you can see which members clicked on it. Clicking again means you unfavorite the item.

Just checked if it worked (I use Firefox now), and it does.

Now the "favorites" is working , but yesterday it seemed to be blocked.

Glad it is cleared up now, I use Safari.

Thanks for posting this, Nancy, as I thought it was just my laptop.

Hmm, I haven't had much trouble with it since posting this discussion over 2 years ago, you guys. :--D

Hahaha, Nancy...what goes around, comes around :-)

I had a glitch last night, so a assumed that is why Ruud checked it out.

Ya never know when you blog or post something....so much for hi-tech!

I figured that was it, Kat, but enjoyed the surprise on first waking up this morning. :--}




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