I propose to put what you have found odd, strange, as mailart who had trips surprising, abnormal obliteration, wrong addresses and yet it happened.

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I received this postcard from Japan and yet the address was totally wrong. Only my name and the country is fair. And it has seven days to arrive.

It is a postcard I sent to Ivan Zemtsov in Russia. The postcard has not been obliterated in France but in Russia.

A few years ago, I wanted to test the post and I sent a digital collage to Latuff in Brazil with an address written only in Japanese. The postcard arrived ... after 7 months.

not completely on topic but I'd like to know if it's a normal thing in France to cross out the senders address. You do it Denis and I've seen it on a few others.
Yes and no. You do if you want. This allows the sorting center of what is the right adresse when they are both on the same side. This avoids the errors.

Maybe not strange enough, but an experiment I did recently. An envelope to Jim Hayes with original Japanes Postage Stamps on them. Will see if it arrives without a problem....

Already in 1980 I used to cut up postage stamps to make fake values on the envelopes and tested if the mail would just arrive. It did. See example I mailed 29 years ago....

A BAL sent to a TV-show in 191. It actually was shown on Dutch National TV and was commented on by Magreet Dolman. For the VPRO-Television there was a show where they asked viewers to send in mail with subjects. I sent in this blue ball....

In 1992 I sent this piece of a telephone to Guy Bleus in Belgium. Arrived without a problem. Later was exhibiter in the Dutch National Postal Museum in The Hague in a Mail-Art show that Guy Bleus hosted there.

Once I received a TIN can without box arround it in the mail-box. On my website I documented what I did with the can:

This transparent envelope with peanuts actually also arrived without a problem in my mail-box. So it proves that the postal workers in Tilburg were extremely tollerant....
Thank you Ruud for the funny mailart.
Some time ago I received back a pancake and some time later a barley sugar.




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