Some people have Brain Cells, others have Fan Clubs, I have HATS!

The various things that adorn my head -- hats, sort of lobsters from Maine, wigs -- will be featured here. I'll change the photos from time to time. In the meantime, please feel free to continue as usual and make all sorts of silly comments about my hats.

SEND ME YOUR HATS! All contributions will be greatly received. All will be featured here.


And here's one for starters.....

PS. My Greek Hat avatar was a present from Katerina N: thank you, Katerina!

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Bonjour Viz and thanks for introducing a suitably high cultural tone to this discussion. (We do not need graphics, thankyou, to illustrate your point.) It might be possible Down Under to wee on your own hair, but in the Northern Hemisphere gravity, let alone the composition of the male body, preclude this -- fortunately. Moi

OK Val... you are really testing me!!  I have canoodled and canoodled and this is the best I can give you...


pink ali baba

like a flirting flamingo

rubs his magic lamp

You're flirting with me, Anna!

Thanks for the haiku.

Happy canoondling. Val

Anna, I believe all your canoodling has paid off! Perfectly appropriate haiku, like a flirting nailed it!

And Val...this one's a real beaut, I must say your hats are nothing if not independently splendid! Still a little partial to the purple fur pic though...maybe it was because your eyes were so smiley :)))))))))))))))))

Bonjour Arac...I've now discoverd that it's The Hats That Get Me The Girls! If only I'd know this when i was young and not-so-young....deep sigh from Val (the purple-people-eater)

I seriously doubt you needed the hat trick when you were a young rock-n-roll guitar player Val ;)


Queensday on april 30-st ;)) I am sure I have to visit Hema this week, hihi.

I bet you are all dead jealous of my new look!


WOWZA,,,dead jealous doen't even come close to describing how I feel about your "new do"...priceless!

Hi Arac! I got  fantastic hat today at a flea market. All I have to do is to get a photo of me in it. Watch this space.... Val




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