In spring 2017 will be an exhibition with my mailart projekt "cats".
Therefore the deadline is extended to: 28.02.2017

You can have a look to the already arrived mailart on my blog:

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Hi Renate; this cat appeared one day on my tablet, but I shall send you also one by post. Great project, I love cats, and all animals to be honest.

Hi Martha, what a wonderful phone-art! I would appreciate it as a part of my cat mailart!!!
Many regards from germany - Renate

Renata, thank you I am glad you like my tablet cat. Do you want me to send you snail mail art or is email art OK?

It seems that, to show the art received in a blog, emailing it to you is more efficient, not to say logical, considering I would only print the electronically created image to send it.

Really great!
Can you send it per "snail mail"?

Renate Blaes

Am Steig 11

D-86938 Schondorf


Thank you very much!!!

Best regards - Renate

P.S. What is the technique?

You are a sweetheart! :-)

"virtual collage" with gimp. Your result is impressiv! I should try to create similar art on photoshop …

Do you have a website?

Best regards - Renate

Oh, you are a poet too. Good combination!
I'm very sorry that you lost your son. What a tragic and terrible experience. It must be traumatic …

I understand!




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