I'm curious as to what the smallest piece of mail art that someone has sent is? I have a couple of smaller pieces that I would like to send but am worried that they may get lost in the mail, I'm thinking that they would be better off sent in an envelope, but still it would be fun if they could go as is.... Comments, suggestions?

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Hi Alana,

Ask at your post office for size parameters or check your postal service online.  I'd love to send smaller works, but have discussed it with a postal worker here in the U.S. and he told me that any mail smaller than 3.5" high and 5" wide will get jammed in the machines and get wrecked, so they'll just return it to me rather than put it through.  Putting small works in a larger envelope will work, but not as much fun in my thinking, alas.

Rhubarb pie for dessert tonight  (-:


I kind of figured smaller stuff wouldn't make it through some of the machinery I guess I will just have to decorate the envelope as well and send it that way!

This will be a good starting point....

I made an edition of small books using folded postcards as covers.  I guess they were about two inches by three and a half inches.  I tied them closed with linen book binding thread, put stamps and address on their backs and stuck them in a blue mail box under cover of darkness.  They got through.  I've also used small old boxes that slides used to come in from photomats.  They were twice the size of a slide, since the slides came in two small stacks.  Little dioramas inside, closed with linen thread, stamps and address on the back.  These made it through as well. 

I say, take a chance. Just photograph it first.

this ball with attached label arrived. I sent it in for a national TV-show, and it was actually shown on TV, so it arrived for sure.

I guess at the end of the day I will just need to try, cross my fingers and see what happens.....




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